VaySoft Video to EXE Converter 6.27 free

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VaySoft Video to EXE Converter is a small and interesting program for converting video files to executable files. The first advantage of using this program is for those people who want a specific video to run on their system without users having to deal with technical problems. Especially if users are beginners and can not install a video player to play a particular video! This is where using this program comes into play as an important solution. All you have to do is convert the video into an executable file with a few clicks and share it with others.

The next important advantage is in relation to copyright laws and unauthorized copying issues. Maybe you make money selling video products and you do not want others to easily copy and share your product with others. In this case, VaySoft Video to EXE Converter has good solutions to prevent this problem. For example, with a few clicks, you can put a specific text on the watermark during movie playback. The executable files generated by this tool do not require any prerequisites and can be run on all Windows from 2000, xp, server 2003 to Vista, Seven, 8 and 10.

No need to worry about installing video codecs anymore. You can be sure at any time that the internal player of this software will be able to play your files on all Windows. Following the issue of copyright that watermark is a preventive solution, other solutions are also supported by this product. For example, you can specify serials for your files, so that a file can only be run on a specific system. In this case, any abuse will be prevented, or at least it will be very difficult. Other restrictions such as restrictions on video playback (for example, 5 minutes), restrictions on runtime and are also supported in this software.