Vector Full 1.1.0 for Android +2.1

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Vector is a fun parkour game in which you are constantly running and running away from agents. In this game, you should not even delay for a second, otherwise the agents will arrest you. You have to escape from your enemies and jump from the rooftops to reach safe areas. The story of this game is about a world in which freedom has become a dream and the oppressors are in control of the whole country and no one has the right to protest. In Vector, you have to escape from the hands of the oppressors, climb the ladders and jump from the rooftops to achieve your freedom. In this game, you have to act as fast as you can and get the highest possible score. Using the updates that are released for this game, more steps will be opened for it and its attractiveness will be increased.

Vector Features and Features:

  • It has 20 challenging and attractive levels that will never tire you of playing the game.
  • Has excellent gameplay and HD quality and proper stage design
  • Has very wonderful techniques and performs aerobic movements
  • Full of excitement and charm in the game
  • It has various and different stages with each other
  • Very good story for a score game
  • The coloring and the music of the game are very attractive.

Download Vector 1.1.0 Full version

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