Veeam ONE Update 4.0

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Veeam One is a powerful software for managing and monitoring virtual machines. Using this program, you can fully monitor all types of virtual machines, including VMWare or Hyper-V, vSphere. Monitor the amount of pressure on their resources. Check the correct operation and health status of the machines. The advantage of using this program is to prevent the spread of the problem at the moment of occurrence. For example, in a modern data center, more than hundreds of virtual machines may be serving at the same time. One virtual system may consume too many resources for some reason and affect other systems for no reason. In this situation, if there is a management dashboard and observe the current status of virtual machines, the problem can be found quickly and appropriate measures can be taken to solve the problem.

The program has a tool called Capacity Planner, with the help of which experts can intelligently and optimally share resources between systems and have complete management in this regard. In the program settings, you can set security alerts to be notified in different ways. In the report section, you can receive complete reports on the current state of the systems. We can set this section so that reports are submitted at regular intervals. It is worth mentioning if you also use Veeam backup product. From within this program, you can monitor the backup process and view the prepared backups. The program has a good graphic appearance and all its features are in orderly categories. In case of ambiguity in any part, you can get information by referring to the program guide.

Veeam ONE Update 4.0

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 Veeam ONE 9.5

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