VLAN Configuration over wireless bridge

On this article, show you how to setup VLAN over wireless bridge point to point. You can see the network topology below :















1. Create VLAN Trunk on R1. Please see How to setup VLAN on mikrotik router
2. On R2, create interface bridge to forward trunk packet

[admin@Router2] > interface bridge add name=bridge-trunk

Add interface that you want to forward the VLAN in the interface bridge.

[admin@Router2] > interface bridge port add interface=ether1 bridge=bridge-trunk 
[admin@Router2] > interface bridge port add interface=wlan1 bridge=bridge-trunk

Configure wireless interface as mode ap-bridge













 [admin@Router2] > interface wireless set wlan1 mode=ap-bridge disabled=no

3. On R3, please configure wireless interface as mode station-bridge and connect ether1 R3 using LAN cable to switch manageable.








 [admin@R1] > interface wireless set wlan1 mode=station-bridge disabled=no

4. Configure switch manageable as desired





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