Watercom DRAINS 2018.01 x86 + Manual

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DRAINS is a multi-purpose program for designing and analyzing drainage systems and municipal wastewater treatment. DRAINS can model drainage systems of any size from small or very large (up to 10 km using several submarines with ARR 2016 and ILSAX hydrology, and using the storage routing hydrology model). During a storm event, it converts rainfall patterns into rainwater hydrographs through a number of time steps, directing these paths through networks of pipes, ponds, canals, and streams.

Provides a graphical Windows interface, and users can draw drainage system components such as subnets, pits, pipes, and overflow paths. By right-clicking on a component, a pop-up menu is displayed with a list of options that you can select based on your needs and enter your information and view the results in various formats. DRAINS is able to perform hydrological modeling using ARR2016, ILSAX, logic methods and storage routing models, along with unconventional hydraulic modeling of pipe and open channel systems. The package includes an automated design method for piping drainage systems, connections to CAD and GIS applications, and a guidance system.

Features and facilities of Watercom DRAINS:

  • Design and analysis tasks
  • Closed channel system and open channel
  • Hydrology (five alternative models) and hydraulics (two alternative methods)
  • Large-scale rain and storm water confinement system in urban and rural basins

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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