10 foods that control blood sugar levels

Confirm this list and pay special attention to blood glucose, as high levels of glucose concentration in the blood – in the plasma – can increase the risk of various diseases such as diabetes or obesity.


Blood glucose spikes are much more frequent – especially in the summer and on vacation days – due to changing habits, changes in meal and rest times and increased exposure to heat and dehydration.

With the arrival of hot days, sugar decompensations, known as blood glucose spikes (which can cause sugar levels to rise and fall), are much more frequent due to changes in time, both for meals and rest.

The change in eating habits, which can be caused by the higher frequency of social events, by the longer interval between meals or by the lack of appetite, are other typical situations of this time of the year, which can cause dehydration or heat stroke due to spikes in blood glucose. Control the sugar level with 10 foods:

1. Sardine

It can be eaten in several ways, for example, if they are eaten cold they help to reduce body temperature. In addition, recent studies show that they improve the metabolism of type 2 diabetics and are very rich in omega 3, helping to reduce cholesterol levels.

2. Tapas with cockles or steamed mussels

If you don’t want to gain weight but like to snack, choose some steamed cockles or mussels, which are also suitable for type 2 diabetics. They provide a lot of nutrients and are rich in iron.

3. Iced tea, with mint and lemon

In addition to refreshing, it is important to know that the lemon has a lower glycemic index than the rest of the fruits, which helps to avoid possible blood sugar spikes.

4. Cherries between meals

They are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, easy to take anywhere and help fight heat if they are eaten fresh. As they are rich in beta-carotene they help to achieve and maintain a beautiful tan. Thanks to its low glycemic index, ingested in the right amounts help to prevent sudden sugar rises.

5. Couscous

They can be eaten alone or in salads and help diabetics to avoid blood sugar spikes. As they are low in fats, cardiovascular health is grateful.

6. Bread

Wholemeal bread contains the recommended amount of carbohydrates, which are slow to absorb, are rich in fiber and help control sugar levels. Nutritionists propose to accompany you with hummus, a paste made with chickpeas, suitable for type 2 diabetics, whose glycemic index is very low and favors intestinal transit.

7. Seasonings with Dijon Mustard

Enjoy salads, but avoid seasoning them with sauces that contain calories and that can cause sudden rises in sugar. A good option is to season the salads with Dijon mustard, which gives flavor and, because it is very low in carbohydrates, it is perfect for diabetics.

8. Guacamole

Avocado, the base of this sauce, is beneficial for type 2 diabetics because it helps to control sugar levels. In addition, it does not increase cholesterol, its fats are healthy, it contains omega 3 and oleic acid, it is very fresh and tasty.

9. Lean sweetened yogurt

Nutritionists recommend accompanying it with red fruits, as it has a very low glycemic index. According to a study by the University of Cambridge, low-fat yogurt can reduce the risk of diabetes by 24%.

10. Spinach

This vegetable contains a lot of nutrients, very few calories and contributes to improving cardiovascular and bone health. In addition, it improves sugar absorption and prevents spikes in blood glucose. It is ideal to eat very fresh in salads, to which you can add a portion of nuts to make it more complete.