10 skills we need to know to work with a computer

work with a computer
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10 skills we need to know to work with a computer

Set up your network (and troubleshoot wireless)

It will be useful for you to know how routers, modems, and other things that make your Internet connection work.

But there are some basic points that can solve most of the problems you will face in this way. You may even have questions.

Reset the modem once! Make sure the WiFi modem is not overheated and does not have a problem with deceleration.

Is your Wi-Fi and ping speed less than optimal? Check this issue through Speedtest.net and contact internet support if you have a slowdown

Empty your system of unnecessary files and cache (temp)

Delete extra files and folders you do not need to have more space.

Empty the% TEMP% folder. Install software such as CCleaner to clear sections that have extra files that you are unaware of.


Access your computer or laptop from anywhere

With simple apps like Teamviewer and Any desk , you can, through another system, in a space away from home,

Log in to your computer and use your computer or laptop,

Just like when you sit in your chair at home and use your system.

With the help of this software, you can access your important files when necessary.

Have a backup of your system in case of emergency

Try to back up your data or Windows from time to time so that you can use the backup immediately when necessary.

Get a backup file from the system

It may take up to half an hour, but it becomes valuable when you do not have access to the original version of Windows for any reason.

You need your own files!

This is where you will be able to access your files again by restoring the backup.


Use keyboard shortcuts to perform various tasks as much as possible

For example, in any section to search, you can press ctrl + F and type the word you want.

There are many shortcuts like you do not have to select the option from the menu and

Access the desired option by holding two or more buttons,

Or, for example, if you press ctrl + S, the file you are modifying will be saved immediately.

The ctrl + P key prints from that page, and when you press the ctrl + T key in your Internet browser, it opens a new tab (page) in your Internet browser.


Protect your system against viruses and malicious files

The best way to prevent viruses from entering your system is to install a powerful antivirus.

BitDefender or Node32 Antivirus are good options for system protection that are better than other antiviruses.

When we say virus, some users think of New Folder, shortcut, and ویر viruses.

But we have to say that there are far more dangerous viruses called ransomware that can damage your files.


Learn ICDL course or seven skills

But in the end, if you want to understand the computer and be able to work with its tools, it is better to learn the ICDL course.

The topics taught to novice users in this course are very basic.

And prepares the user to enter the professional world of information technology.

And if the user already has the ability in this area, he can even fix his computer problems himself.

Titles taught in each ICDL course

  • Basic concepts of information technology
  • Computer application and file management (Windows & # 215; p)
  • Word processing (Word 2000)
  • Spreadsheets (Excel 2000)
  • Databases (Access 2000)
  • Content presentation (Power Point 2000)
  • Information and Communication (Internet Explorer & Outlook)
  • Web Design (Front Page 2000)