10 things you need to know about WhatsApp stickers

WhatsApp stickers
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WhatsApp stickers

New WhatsApp stickers have their own special features. You can add them to the favorites section or group them. Of course, these are just some of the new features of this newly added WhatsApp feature. Follow the article below to get acquainted with other features.

1- How to send stickers

To send a sticker, tap the emoji icon next to the WhatsApp type area. Until now, there were only emoji and GIF options in this section. But now next to the GIF, there is a sticker icon. Touch it.

Note: Note that the WhatsApp version that supports the new sticker feature for Android is +2.18.329 and its iOS number is +2.18.100. If the WhatsApp version you have on your device is different from these versions, we recommend that you update these messengers.

WhatsApp takes you to the sticker page. Tap the sticker you want to send it. Stickers work in any chat environment, whether individual or group.

2- See the recently used stickers

Just as there is a section called “Recently viewed” in the emojis section, stickers are also equipped with this section. When you open the sticker panel, the first tab at the top is for recent stickers. Its icon looks like a clock.

3- Add to your favorites section

In addition to the star feature that allows you to add your own standalone messages to the WhatsApp favorites list, there is also a dedicated favorites section for stickers. To access it, open the Stickers panel and touch the Star icon.

To add stickers to the Favorites section, touch your favorite sticker from the sticker pack and hold your finger on it. Then select Add from the pop-up menu.

In addition, tap the sent or received sticker and select Add to Favorites from the pop-up.

4- See the stickers based on emotions

Right next to the Favorites icon you will see another icon called Heart. In this section, you will see different categories of stickers based on the emojis present in the stickers, categories such as heart, sad, happy, and so on. For example, in the happy section, you will see stickers with a happy and smiling face.

5- Grouped stickers

When you send multiple stickers at the same time, WhatsApp automatically sorts them into pairs. When you send the stickers, you do not see the paired stickers immediately. You must leave the chat environment and open it again.

Although grouping stickers takes up less space in the chat environment, it is currently not possible to send two stickers together manually.

6- Add new stickers

By default, only one pack of stickers is pre-installed on WhatsApp. But do not upset yourself. Because you can add more stickers from the WhatsApp archive to these messengers.

To do this, open the sticker screen and click on the Add icon in the upper right corner. In this section, you will see sticker packs. Tap the Download icon next to the pack you want to download.

7- Install your favorite sticker from the received stickers

WhatsApp has a huge collection of stickers. If you get a sticker that you like, you do not have to look through all the sticker packs to find it. Tap the sticker once to see the option to watch the sticker pack. You can add stickers to the favorites section.

8- See the installed stickers

All the stickers you have downloaded are in the My Stickers section. Open the sticker panel to access them. Tap the Add icon and go to My Stickers.

9- Re-order the sticker packs

If you have downloaded several sticker packs, all of them will be available for use. Arrange them according to your desire.

To do this, in the My Stickers section, grab the stickers and drag them with the Move icon. After you change the order, the effect will be applied immediately on the sticker home screen.

10- Remove the sticker packs

If you do not like one of the packs, simply delete it. Go to the My Stickers section and tap the Delete icon next to the pack you want.

Is it necessary to install all the packs?

Not! Only if there is a sticker from a particular pack that you want to send, you have no choice but to download. Otherwise, you do not need to install that particular pack to see the stickers. In other words, you can see all the stickers received without downloading the sticker pack.

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