100% hard disk problem in Task Manager
hard disk problem

100% hard disk problem in Task Manager

100% hard disk problem

One of the criteria you can control is Task Manager. Task Manager shows the amount of disk usage of your computer. If you see 100% of disk usage, your device disk usage will increase and your system performance will be destroyed and also Slowing down the system while performing normal tasks such as using programs such as Office or viewing files on the system, this slowdown will be quite evident.

Here are some tips to help other users solve the problem of using Windows 10 disk 100%. You may not need to try them all. You must follow the available solutions to achieve the desired result

1 System restart:

The first and most common solution to this problem is to restart the system. The best step in the first step is to restart because many software that causes the hard drive to close with the restart and cause the problem to be solved.



2 Windows 10 updates:

Installing the latest updates can often fix mysterious issues with your Windows 10 system. Setting. update and security. windows update. check for update Follow this path from left to right.



3 Problems of infecting the system with a virus:

Your computer may be infected with malware that increases your disk usage. If you have an antivirus software running in the background, you should track and scan this issue through that program. Nothing is great though, so force your antivirus to scan your hard drive for a possible virus. This can be a time consuming process because your disk is currently experiencing high usage but may be required to detect and remove malware.



4 Disable Windows Search To disable Windows Search, you can:

Run Cmd with run as administrator and stop it by placing the command: net.exe stop “Windows search”

The other 5 Windows 10 services that can cause problems are the Windows Superfetch service. You can temporarily disable this service in a similar way to Windows

net.exe stop superfetch Enter this command in cmd as well.



6 Antiviruses:

They usually have heavy processing on our system and sometimes the antivirus installed on our system causes our percentage of hard drive to be 100 on the task manager. The solution for this part is to remove the antivirus from the system and install the updated version.



7 Check temp temp files and delete them unnecessarily:

To delete these files, you can type the word run in your Windows search and then open run. In the search section, type the word% temp% and then click ok. A folder will open on the system. Delete all the contents of the temp folder.



8 reset virtual memory:

Virtual memory treats your disk like RAM and uses it to swap temporary files when exiting real RAM. An error in pagefile.sys could result in 100% of disk usage on your Windows 10 device. The solution to this problem is to reset the virtual memory settings. To do this, enter the control panel, select sysrem and click on the Advanced system settings option, then enter the advanced tab and select the setting option. In the page that opens, click on the گزینه change option and uncheck the Automatically manage paging file size option to enable the manual settings options. Then click on drive c and select the No paging file option and then click on set and then restart the system.



8 Hard Disk Analysis by Windows Tools:

To work on drive c or each of the available drives, right-click on the system and click the peroperties option, and between the options, enter the tools section and select the check option to find and fix the errors related to your hard drive, or also Click on the optimize option to enter the next page. Select the desired drives and click on the optimize option to perform the analysis.

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