11 Great Solution for Samsung Phones That Cannot Receive SMS


Why can’t I receive a text message on my Samsung phone?

Samsung Galaxy family phones use a specialized app to receive and send SMS. Although Samsung has a very good application, sometimes users have to wait for confirmation or OTP codes to finally complete a transaction or enter a specific service. Of course, sometimes other Samsung models are not able to receive text messages. This article describes methods that will help you solve the problem of not receiving text messages on Samsung phones.

Tips for not receiving text messages on Samsung phones can include checking operator networks to reset settings within the app. Additionally, with the following solutions, you can solve iMessage problems on Samsung phones.

It is better to start the solutions with full explanations.

If you can not receive SMS on your Samsung phone, solve the problem with one of these 11 solutions

If you can not receive SMS on your Samsung phone, solve the problem with one of these 11 solutions

1- Reset your Samsung phone

Restart your phone at the beginning of the troubleshooting process . So quit everything you do on the phone and restart your Samsung Galaxy phone .

2- Test the operator network

Make sure the operator network is active on the phone . To do this, see if you can contact someone. Similarly, try texting someone. If all else fails, get ideas from others. But if you can not call or text someone, first check the operator network and the activation of your package.

3- Remove the SIM card

Removing the SIM card from the phone is a very old trick that you must do. Simply remove the SIM card from the slot. Clean it with a clean cloth and a small amount of alcohol. Then insert the SIM card again. If the Samsung phone you are using has two SIM cards, be sure to test the SIM card in the other slot as well. This will make sure that the problem is with the SIM card slot or not.

Another simple way is to test the SIM card inside another Android phone . Wait for the network operator to identify the SIM card. Then remove the SIM card from inside the phone and return it to the original phone .

4- Empty the cache related to the app for receiving and sending SMS

Another way to test is to clear the Messaging app cache on your Samsung phone . Do not worry about deleting text messages or other personal information on your phone .

To clear the Samsung Messages cache, open the Settings section on the phone and go to Apps. Tap Messages and then Storage.

4- Empty the cache related to the app for receiving and sending SMS

Finally touch the Clear Cache button and restart the phone .

4- Empty the cache related to the app for receiving and sending SMS

Note: In addition, you can use the Clear Data button. Of course, this does not delete the messages. However, we recommend that you back up your text messages before doing so .

5- Check the blocked audience

If you can’t get messages from just one or two contacts on your Samsung phone, you should look at the list of blocked numbers. You may have accidentally blocked them.

To do this, open the Samsung Messages app. Tap the three-dot icon and select Settings.

5- Check the blocked audience

Touch Block numbers and messages first and then Block numbers.

5- Check the blocked audience

In this section you will see the list of blocked audiences. Touch the delete icon next to the number you want to unblock.

5- Check the blocked audience

Note: You can also see the list of blocked numbers from within the Phone app. In the Phone app, tap the three-dot icon and go to Settings> Block numbers.

6- Incompatibility with iMessage

If your contact from the phone, the iPhone uses iMessage to try a Samsung phone , you will certainly not work, and you will not receive anything. Because it does not support the phone by Samsung from iMessage is. This service is only between the handset and the iPhone works. This is why iPhone users must use the same regular SMS if they want to send you a message.

Note: Did you know that Android has a similar service to iMessage?

7. Cancel the iMessage subscription

If you have just moved from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy phone , you may have forgotten to disable iMessage. If you have not yet disabled iMessage, you will not be able to receive text messages on your Samsung phone , especially if the text message was sent to you by iPhone users.

In fact, your phone number is still connected to iMessage. That’s why other iPhone users send you iMessage, and as mentioned above , Samsung phones do not support iMessage. It is recommended that you disable iMessage before using your Android phone .

But don’t worry, you can still exit iMessage. If you still have your iPhone, insert the SIM card again. Then go to Settings> Messages. Turn off the iMessage front key. But if the phone is iPhone still can not go through the official site of Apple iMessage remove yourself from the list.

7. Delete your iMessage account

8- Free up memory space

Due to limited internal storage, your Samsung phone may not be able to receive messages. You can check the amount of available memory space by going to Settings> Device care> Storage. Clear old messages from the inbox to free up memory space. In addition, through other ways to increase internal storage space of the handset by Samsung there is space available in the phone itself more.

8- Free up memory space.

9- Third party messenger apps

Do you use any other app to receive and send text messages besides Samsung Messages ? If you have trouble receiving the SMS, we suggest that you make the Samsung Messages app the default app to see if the issue is resolved.

But if your phone’s default app is Samsung Messages, download a third-party app to do so. You can test Google’s Android Messages app . Send and receive the default SMS app. Now compare these two apps, Samsung Messages and Android Messages.

10- Test the problem in safe mode

Sometimes the problem may be due to using a third party app. Put the phone in safe mode to find out if the problem is with a third party app . To do this, press the power button. Then touch the Power Off icon and then the Safe Mode icon and hold your finger on it.

Booting the phone in Safe Mode does not delete the data on the phone in any way . However, third-party apps do not work in Safe Mode. Now see if the phone can receive SMS in Safe Mode . If you manage to receive the SMS , it means that one of the third-party apps will cause you problems. Check the third-party apps you just installed and uninstall them one by one to get to the troubleshooter. To exit Safe Mode, simply restart the phone .

11- Restart all app settings

Finally, if none of the above fixes the problem, reset the app settings. This will return most of the settings to their original state, for example, app permissions, default apps, etc. will return to their default values. You have to change them again. But personal data and files are not tampered with.

To reset the settings app on the phone by Samsung go to Settings> Apps go. Tap the three-dot icon at the top of the screen and select Reset app preferences.

11- Restart all app settings

We hope the above methods solve your problem. Now you should be able to Samsung phone to receive text messages not. But note that after the resolution of the problem, the older messages that were sent to you previously received will not.

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