12 features of iPhones that make your work much easier

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features of iPhones

The features and capabilities of iPhones that are updated in each version of the iOS operating system are in the Accessibility menu, the best of which we will introduce to you in this article.


The normal use of smartphones today is something that many users do and are processing in different menus of their device. However, the remarkable thing is that this normal use can be done even easier and with some shortcuts faster!

The Accessibility menu in the smartphone settings is available to users to perform exactly such things. However, Apple phones have better features that only iOS users can use.

How to access the Accessibility menu on iPhones

Capability of iPhones

This menu is usually located in the settings section and then in the section exactly called Accessibility; But if you are a user of older versions of the iOS user interface, you need to go to the General section after opening the settings menu and finally click on Accessibility.

Of course, to quickly find this section, you can first scroll down the page in the settings menu and then search for the name of the section you want to go to in the phone settings.

With this account, after finding the desired menu, it is time to go to the most important and most useful settings on this page.

Visual capabilities in the Accessibility menu of the iOS operating system

We will first look at the features that make it easier for people with color recognition or poor eyesight to use their iPhone.

Capability of iPhones


Capability of iPhones

This feature on iPhones helps you to read virtually anywhere on the screen by a speaker system. By activating this feature, you can click on any part of your screen so that its content is read aloud and you do not need to see it. It is also interesting to know that the activation method and commands of this feature can be configured in different ways.


Capability of iPhones

As the name implies, by activating it, you can zoom in anywhere on your phone screen and watch it in magnified form. This feature is useful for people who can not see some small content inside the page; But note that if your goal is to use this feature to read small texts, it is better to take a look at the next feature that is specifically designed for this purpose.

Capability of iPhones

Display & Text Size

Capability of iPhones

In this section, instead of enlarging the entire page, you can actually enlarge only the text inside it. To do this, you can set the Larger Text option and then its size to make all the text inside the phone larger. Of course, if you have problems setting this feature, be sure to enable the On / Off Labels option to control the values ​​more easily.

Also enable the Bold Text option to make the text larger and the Increase Contrast option to see the background text better. Additionally, if you find it difficult to see the crystal clear background when closing apps or in the Control Panel menu, select the Reduce Transparency option to reduce the transparency of the menus.

Finally, people with color blindness will definitely welcome the use of Differentiate Without Color and Color Filters. How the first option works is that instead of showing some colors, it will replace them with different symbols and signs, which makes it easier for the person to understand. For example, if the notification is related to a red program, activating this feature will be shown as a square.

Capability of iPhones

Also, the Color Filters feature, as the name implies, will filter different colors for your color blind type so that only the colors you can see will be displayed to you.


Has the animation mode of opening apps ever bothered your eyesight? Some people may experience headaches when they see such an effect. With this account, if you also have a problem, it is better to activate the Reduce Motion option and then reduce its value to enter the programs at once instead of seeing the animation mode.

Spoken Content

Capability of iPhones

If you enable Speak Selection in this menu, wherever you select text, an option called Speak will appear that will read the text for you. This feature will be very useful for people who have difficulty pronouncing some words.

Capability of iPhones

In addition, if you want the entire text of the page to be read to you, all you have to do is activate the Speak Screen option and then swipe up and down with two fingers on the screen and the page you want to read the full text of the page for you .

Physical capabilities in the Accessibility menu for iOS

In addition to pushing buttons, there are various features for iPhones that help you execute some of your commands on the system with a physical shortcut.


Capability of iPhones

One of the biggest and most important features of iPhones is having an option called AssistiveTouch, which by activating it, you can permanently add a white mode to your screen to use some options such as Back or Home for You make it easier.

Other options in this menu include Back Tap to tap on the back of the phone to execute custom commands and Shake the phone to return to the previous menu.

Voice Control

Capability of iPhones

While Siri makes it easier for you to send messages and perform some activities inside the iPhone as an assistant, Voice Control enhances this and leaves your hand completely free to use your phone with voice!

For example, you can change the phone menu, go to different applications, or force the device to take screenshots just by talking.

Visual capabilities in the Accessibility menu of the iOS operating system

If you have a hearing problem, you can use the options in this list to help with some of your hearing problems.

Sound Recognition

Capability of iPhones

With this feature in iPhones, you can save certain sounds on your device to be alerted when it is heard by iPhone. To get started, just enable this feature and then tap Sounds. You can now add an alarm, a doorbell, or anything else to alert you as soon as you hear it on your phone.

Note that this feature is not very accurate and for use in special cases may not fully identify the information about the surrounding sounds.

Audio / Visual

Capability of iPhones

In this section, to better adjust the sound you hear in your headphones, activate the Headphone Accommodations option. Now increase or decrease the volume you want and raise some sounds at different frequencies.

Mono Audio also helps you hear the sounds of a song, movie or game from both sides of the headphones. This option is great for people with only one ear-hearing impairment, and helps them hear a full, low-pitched sound (played only in one ear) with one ear. Of course, in the Balance section, you can adjust the volume in each corner of the headphones.

Finally, in the Visual section, you can be notified by activating the LED Flash for Alerts option without the need for sound and only by turning your phone’s flash on and off.

General capabilities

At the bottom of the Accessibility menu are a few other features that we will mention.

Guided Access

Guided Access feature on iPhones helps you to use it for only a limited time. This way, if you give the phone to your child or friend, they can only use a preset app. This feature also has many uses for people who are trying to distract themselves while studying or doing something.


As a rule, we are all familiar with Apple Assistant phones or Siri, but by activating the Type to Siri option, you can transfer your command to Siri by typing instead of voice.

Also, to enable Siri Assistant permanently, just tap Always Listen for “Hey Siri” and your assistant will be ready to do his or her job by saying Heh Siri.

Accessibility Shortcut

Capability of iPhones

In this menu, you will see a list of all your activated features, by selecting one of them, you can activate it by pressing the Home button or the mobile buttons three times. Of course, if you select more than one application in this menu, this time by pressing a button three times instead of running a feature, a list of all selected features will be displayed for you.

However, using the features of iPhones in iOS makes some things easier for almost all users, but if you are used to normal use of your phone, it is better to start with one or two new features in your phone. Work and get used to executing commands faster on your device.

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