15 iTunes Tricks – iTunes for more efficient use of iPhone and iPad

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Apple has introduced the iTunes app to create interaction between a PC and iPhone. In this article, we introduce 15 iTunes tricks.

The Iowa operating system is very different from the Android operating system, one of the most important differences being related to the interaction of Iowa devices with Windows computers and Apple MacBooks. Apple has introduced the iTunes app for seamless interaction between a PC and iPhone. You can create a direct interaction between the two devices by installing this program on your computer and then connecting your iPhone or iPad to the computer and running this program. ITunes also enables users to back up their iPhone or iPad content, or restore their previous backups.

If you are an iPhone or Apple user, you are probably familiar with iTunes and have used it. The iTunes application has other features in addition to the above; We call these capabilities the iTunes Trick. You will learn 15 iTunes tricks by reading this article.

1- iTunes Slidebar

15 iTunes tricks

In newer versions of iTunes, there is a side menu or Slidebar, to access this menu, you must click on the Playlist option, which is displayed with the music harp icon. Clicking on this option will bring up the iTunes Slidebar sidebar.

2- Using the Up Next feature and creating a temporary playlist

Another fifteen iTunes tricks for more efficient use of the Up Next feature are that using this program allows the user to create a temporary playlist when playing Library music.

To use the Up Next feature and create the temporary playlist, you must press the Ctrl key, then click on the song you want, and finally select the Add to Up Next option.

By doing this, the music you want will be added to the Up Next list. To view and review the songs in the Up Next list, you must click on the three horizontal lines shown in the image above while playing music in the top menu of the iTunes application. By doing this, the list of songs in the Up Next section will be displayed.

3. Use multiple iTunes Libraries using Home Sharing

15 iTunes tricks

Another 15 iTunes tricks is the Home Sharing feature. This feature is different from the Family Sharing feature. Using the Family Sharing feature, the user can purchase content independently in different and separate libraries; However, the Home Sharing feature enables the user to play content through a maximum of 5 different iTunes Libraries by connecting to a network. Generate them all.

To use this feature, select the file option from the iTunes application menu and then Home Sharing. Finally, select the Turn On Home Sharing option and then enter your Apple ID details. After doing this, the mentioned feature will be activated in the user’s device. Do the same for your other devices now. This will make a home-like icon appear in the upper left corner of the iTunes application. By clicking on this icon, the user can see the content on their other devices.

4- Sharing content through the Family Sharing feature

15 iTunes tricks

Another feature of iTunes is the Family Sharing feature. Providing IoT S8 and OSX Yosemite OS allows users to share their purchased or downloaded content between six different members using the Family Sharing feature.

To use the Family Sharing feature and share content through this feature, you need to go to the System Preferences section of your MacBook, then select the iCloud option, and then the Set Up Family Sharing option. After completing the above steps, enter the Apple ID of your desired members. This way you can share your content through the Family Sharing feature and the iTunes app.

5- Using Siri feature to detect music being played

15 iTunes tricks

One of the 15 tricks of the iTunes app is Siri, Siri is a dedicated voice assistant for Apple iPhones and iPads. For example, if you are out of the house and in a place similar to a club and a song is played that you do not know the specifications, in this case you can use the Siri feature. To use this feature, you must say What Song is This. After saying this sentence, Siri feature starts the search operation and provides the details of the song being played.

In addition, the list of download songs through iTunes will be attached, you can buy songs through iTunes by selecting the Buy option.

6- iTunes University capability

15 iTunes tricks

ITunes is mostly used to transfer music, videos and other such files from the internal storage computer of Apple iPhone and iPad; But this dedicated app has a feature called iTunes University that is very interesting to use. To use this feature, various courses are offered by world-renowned universities such as Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, etc. Each course includes several conferences and you can learn a lot by attending them. ITunes University is a great feature of iTunes that not many people know about.

7- Using drawings and photos of iTunes albums

15 iTunes tricks

The iTunes app allows users to select an interesting art photo and drawing for each of the music in their library, thereby customizing the iTunes user interface. To do this you need to go to the Store menu and then select the Sign in option and then enter your Apple ID details and password. Now click on iTunes, then select Preferences, and then click Share details about your Library With Apple, now you will see a list of art paintings or various works, press and hold the Ctrl key, Now click on the drawings you want. Click Get Album Artwork from the available options. You can use the drawing or art photo for all the albums in the iTunes Library by going to File, then Library, and finally Artwork.

8- Select the searched photos as the album art photo

15 iTunes tricks

The iTunes app lets you select Google-searched photos as your album art photo or background art. To do this, click on the album cover and then select all the songs on it. Click the File menu and then Get Info. Now launch Safari browser and select a suitable photo for your album through Google.

Now use the Drog & Drop feature to draw your desired photo and drop it in the available Artwork Box. By doing this, your desired photo will be saved as the artistic photo cover of the desired album.

9- Using iTunes Match feature to improve the quality of music

15 iTunes tricks

Another 15 iTunes tricks is the iTunes Match feature, which uses this feature to increase the quality of music made from an iTunes CD. iTunes Match supports Bitrate at 566 kbps, which is often better than the default music. To use the iTunes Match feature, go to the Store section and click on the Update iTunes Match option, which will enable and update this feature. Then go to the song you want to improve the quality of, select and delete the song, while deleting the song, do not check Also Delete This Song From iCloud to keep the song in iCloud service.

10. View all songs that can be upgraded in terms of quality

15 iTunes tricks

The iTunes app enables the user to easily find out which songs in the library can be upgraded via iTunes March using a special trick. To do this, you need to create a smart playlist. First in the iTunes application, click on the File option, now select the New option, and then click on the Smart Playlist option to order the creation of a smart list.

Make the available settings as shown above, then click Ok. By doing this, iTunes will display a list of expandable music in the iTunes Library. The quality of this song can be improved through the iTunes Match feature, which is one of the 15 iTunes tricks.

11- Using the Show Duplicate items option

15 iTunes tricks

It is possible that after using iTunes for a long time, it may inadvertently save multiple copies of different files. For example, a music file with the same name and profile may be saved multiple times in the iTunes Library.

To solve this problem, there is an option called Show Duplicate items in the iTunes program, which clicks on it to display all the files that were available before a copy.

To use this feature, you must enter the My Music section and then select the Song option from the drop-down menu on the right.

This menu is located under the Search Library Box section. Then select the View option from the top menu of the iTunes application, and finally click on the Show Duplicate items option. This will display all files that contain more than one copy, so you can delete the extra version of each file.

12. Change the type of videos from Home Movies to other possible formats

15 iTunes tricks

If you plan to add a video to your iPhone using the iTunes app, after syncing the video on iTunes you will notice that the video is added to the Home Movies section by default. It is possible to change this path and type, you can change the type of video by clicking on the desired video file and selecting it, then clicking on the File option and finally Get Info.

13. Use iTunes Mini Player

15 iTunes tricks

The iTunes Mini Player feature is another 15 iTunes tricks. Mini Player is a small player panel, to use this feature you must first make sure that the iTunes application is not running in full screen or so-called Full Screen on the computer. Then go to the Artwork Photo Display section in the Play Window. This section is located in the top menu of the iTunes app and where current songs are displayed.

In this section you will see small squares, by clicking on this square your old shape will change and the music in question will be played in iTunes Mini Player. You can also do this on Apple MacBooks by pressing Shift + cmd + M at the same time and activating the iTunes Mini Player.

14- Simultaneous playback on several devices due to Air Play capability

15 iTunes tricks

With several different devices that support Air Play, such as Apple TV, AirPlay speaker, and., You can simultaneously play your favorite music on all available devices via iTunes. To do this, first click on the Air Play option and then select the Multiple option.

Now you need to check all the devices in the list and finally click Ok.

15. Use iTunes Card via iSight webcam

15 iTunes tricks

Having an iTunes gift card or store card enables you to release and use the iTight application via the iSight webcam. To do this, go to the iTunes Store and select the Redeem option, then click on the Redeem With Camera option to place your gif card in front of the iSight webcam. This is how the process of releasing and using the iTunes Gift Card or Store Card is done.

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