Schlumberger AquiferTest 2016.1

Schlumberger AquiferTest 2016.1

Schlumberger is the world’s leading source of technology with integrated management and customer information solutions for the oil and gas industry worldwide. Schlumberger Water Services is a well-known guide in the development and use of new groundwater technologies. AquiferTest is designed for graphical analysis and pumping test reporting and data. AquiferTest Pro software provides the necessary tools to calculate hydraulic aquifer properties such as hydraulic conductivity and transmission. The results of the analysis are displayed in the form of reports or may be exported to graphic formats for use in presentations.

AquiferTest features and capabilities:

  • Data analysis of pumping, impact and lug test
  • Integrated with pumping test tools including data logger
  • Plot detection and derivative analysis to identify aquifer conditions from test data
  • Comprehensive set of analysis methods and solutions suitable for all types of aquifers including finite, unrestricted, fracture and آب
  • Advanced processing tools for air compensation and correction
  • Customizable professional report
  • Fast import of data from common file formats including TXT, XLSX, ASC, TDxt, LEV, MON
  • Automatic conversion of raw analysis to professional and quality report file including logo, company name, project information, analysis chart and site map

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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