17 ways to get rid of oily hair and prevent hair loss

oily hair

oily hair and prevent hair loss

Improper habits make hair greasy. In this article, we want to introduce you to 17 ways to get rid of oily hair.

Bad habits are a major cause of oily hair wash hair and damage to the skin head. If you do not pay attention to the number of steps of washing your hair and you are faced with permanent grease on your hair, the reason for this problem is excessive fat production.

According to the Medical News Today website, different types of hair produce some fat to maintain health and protect the scalp; But too much fat leads to seborrheic dermatitis, a condition that causes red, scaly patches on the skin with dandruff.

Very oily hair greatly reduces a person’s self-confidence. There are various treatments that can help reduce hair oil without completely eliminating the natural fats needed by the hair or stimulating the scalp.

Ways to get rid of oily hair

17 ways to get rid of oily hair

1- Wash your hair longer and better

The first way to get rid of oily hair is to wash your hair a lot.

Sometimes oily hair is caused by excess fat that has not been removed well. Some people’s hair is very oily and should be washed daily.

Shampoo removes excess fat and also removes hair products and waste products that have accumulated on the scalp.

2. Wash your hair less

Another way to get rid of greasy hair is to wash your hair less often. Excessive washing of the hair often causes the hair to lose its natural fats, and even in this case, the hair produces more fat. For this reason, daily hair washing may not be appropriate for some people.

People whose hair gets greasy quickly after washing and whose scalp becomes itchy or irritated should wash their hair less often. By doing this, the production of fat is balanced and the hair is prevented from becoming too oily.

3- Change the method of washing hair

Washing hair through improper methods can cause excess hair oil and damage the scalp. To prevent this from happening, you should gently massage the roots of the hair and scalp with a small amount of shampoo.

Do not scratch or grasp the scalp. Intense rubbing of the scalp and hair irritates the hair and produces oil. Finally, rinse your hair and scalp properly to remove shampoo residue from your hair.

4- Use less hair conditioner

Excessive use of hair conditioner causes fat to accumulate on your hair more quickly and eventually the hair looks greasy.

Apply conditioner to the ends of the hair strands to prevent them from drying out. Wash your hair gently and well after using the conditioner.

5- Set up a suitable program for washing your hair

Another way to get rid of greasy hair is to wash your hair with a standard program.

Sometimes it is better to wash your hair during the day, including; After exercising or waking up.

Washing your hair at night will make your hair greasy the next morning. Exercising also makes your scalp sweaty and your hair dirty and greasy. Washing hair after wearing a hat, helmet and scarf is also a good idea because by covering the head, heat is generated and the scalp sweats and the hair becomes oily.

6- Wash your hair with dry shampoo

Another way to get rid of oily hair is to wash your hair with dry shampoo.

Some people do not want to wash their hair on a daily basis and even if they do, their hair will become greasy after a while. In these cases, people should use a greasy shampoo because the effects of this shampoo are formed immediately.

Dry shampoo removes excess hair fat. For people looking for home-made alternatives, cornstarch or baby powder will also work.

It should be noted that excessive use of dry shampoo can cause a feeling of dirt and sand in the hair. Dry shampoo is not a good alternative to shampoo and water because it has no positive effect on removing dirt and debris from the scalp.

7- Do not style your hair too much

Using a hair straightener and hair dryer will make your hair more beautiful; But excessive use of these devices causes the hair to become greasy faster than when it dries naturally.

Not using a hair iron and hair dryer makes the hair more resistant to heat.

8- Try different models on your hair

Some people are interested in pulling and gathering hair behind their head; But this causes the fats to spread more quickly on their scalp.

If different treatments have not been effective for the person, he can increase his self-confidence by changing his hairstyle. In fact, styling oily hair is easier than different types of hair.

9- Clean your own hair comb

Regular cleaning of the shoulder removes excess products, dead skin and material left on the shoulder.

Failure to clean the comb will cause dust and debris to spread on the hair for later use, eventually leaving your hair greasy.

10. Avoid playing with your hair

Playing with hair causes fats to be transferred from the hands to the hair and eventually the hair will become greasy. Also, twisting, scratching and touching the hair stimulates the sebaceous glands and increases the production of fat.

11- Use products suitable for your hair

Another way to get rid of oily hair is to use standard products. There are several products on the market that are specifically for oily hair. Changing the shampoo and using the right products will help to remove oil from the hair and clean the hair. People who wash their hair every day should not use strong shampoos because it irritates the scalp. Using baby shampoos and shampoos that are designed for daily use are a better option.

12. Avoid hair products that contain silicone

Many people think that silicone makes hair soft and shiny; But the line between shine and fat is very narrow. Accumulation of silicon in the hair causes the hair to become oily.

Silicone also prevents moisture from penetrating the hair shafts, so silicone-containing products should be avoided.

13. Do not use hair styling products

People with oily hair should stop using conditioning products because these products cause the hair to fall asleep and eventually become oily. It is not recommended to use products that claim to soften and nourish the hair because some of them may increase the oiliness of the hair.

14. Use coconut oil

Oil is not usually considered a hair treatment; But coconut oil has the ability to fight hair oil. Coconut oil lifts fat from the scalp and simultaneously nourishes and softens the ends of the hair strands.

15. Wash your hair with tea tree oil

According to research, the use of shampoo that contains 5% of tea tree oil improves dandruff, relieves itchy skin and reduces hair oil.

16. Use the charming hazelnut

The use of charming hazelnuts will be useful for people whose hair is greasy. This product closes the pores of the skin that produce fat.

The charming hazelnut also eliminates itching and inflammation and restores the natural pH balance of the scalp. Enchanting hazelnut is a mild solution that is also suitable for people with sensitive scalp.

17. Use green tea

Research shows that green tea has the ability to maintain a healthy, non-greasy appearance. The use of green tea reduces the production of hair fat and also nourishes the scalp with nutrients.

The use of shampoos containing green tea reduces the oiliness of the hair.

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