EVO PDF Toolkit for .NET 2017-11-28

EVO PDF Toolkit for .NET 2017-11-28

EVO PDF Toolkit is an application library for converting HTML to PDF and can easily be converted to any type of .NET application such as ASP.NET sites, Windows Form and WPF applications or the Windows Azure Cloud service to convert URLs, strings and HTML streams , SVG vector graphics to be added to PDF documents, raster image and SVG vector. You can use the converter as a general tool to convert web pages and HTML code to PDF documents and images, or you can use it as a powerful tool to instantly create simple, formatted PDF reports.This library does not rely on external tools and services and does not require installation or server configuration changes to support simple copy expansion. This converter of HTML tags, CSS style, SVG vector, page control with CSS, auto-replication of HTML tables per PDF page and live URLs and internal links in PDF, bookmarks created automatically, HTML in header and Footer, Unicode and right text support, link, share and edit PDF.

Features and capabilities of EVO PDF Toolkit:

  • Easy integration, no installation on the item server
  • Designed and tested for multimedia environments
  • No need for Internet Explorer browser or other tools
  • Compatible with .NET 2.0, .NET 4.0 and .NET 4.5 frameworks
  • Compatible with Windows Azure Cloud applications
  • Nesting on the server using a simple xcopy installation
  • Work in both 23 and 64 bit environments
  • Convert web pages, HTML strings to PDF files or in memory, SVG vector and so on
  • Supports HTML5 features such as CSS3, SVG and web fonts

Installation guide

The accompanying text file contains the information needed to register.

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