TMS Advanced Charts for Intraweb D2009-XE11

TMS Advanced Charts for Intraweb D2009-XE11

TMS Advanced Charts for IntraWeb is part of TMS Advanced Charts and can be used in the development of Windows VLC software as well as the development of IntraWeb web applications.

Features and capabilities of TMS Advanced Charts for IntraWeb:

  • Component View one or more chart panels
  • A wide range of two-dimensional charts such as: line, bar, area, histogram, Bubble, error and…
  • Axis x with unit index of date / time symbol
  • Y-axis with automatic sorting, minor and major values ​​along y-axis, multi-value y-axis to support different strings
  • Annotation and description support
  • Panel with scrolling, scaling, splitter, drag & drop, sync with mouse and keyboard
  • Guide bar to help navigate the string along the x-axis
  • Adjustable borders for charts and backgrounds for charts
  • Supports bitmap output output printing
  • Support for continuing chart-to-file settings
  • Interface component for automatic TAdvStringGrid / TDBAdvGrid synchronization
  • Supports charts with opacity and gradients
  • Support for PNG images with alpha transparency for chart marker
  • Create shadows in bars, lines, areas and descriptions
  • Glass mirror effect support
  • Horizontal chart, rotate charts 90 degrees
  • Logarithmic scale capability Y
  • Bar Shapes: Rectangle, Cylinder, Pyramid for Ordinary and Stacked Bar Chart
  • Output in PDF file
  • Configure the y-axis of a spider diagram
  • Output to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP or GIF files
  • Save and restore TAdvChartView settings
  • Linking TMS Advanced Charts to the database
  • Update charts at runtime

Installation guide

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download link

Download TMS_IntraWeb_Charts_v4.2.1.4_D2009-XE11

Download TMS_Advanced_Charts_3.8.1.2_XE10-XE10.2_Full_Source

Download TMS Advanced Charts Full Source D6-XE6

Download TMS Advanced Charts for IntraWeb Full Source

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