3DQuickMold 2014 SP2.0 for SOLIDWORKS 2011-2015

3DQuickMold 2014 SP2.0 for SOLIDWORKS 2011-2015

3DQuickMold is a professional software for making plastic injection molds. The first purpose of making this product is to solve the complex problems of the process of designing plastic injection molds. In this program, the solutions that really work in the industry are used. The simplicity of using this program and its unique power and capabilities in template design have been confirmed by its users.

3DQuickMold became one of the industry leaders in less than 2 years as soon as it was introduced to the market and has had a very good growth rate during this period. One of the things that template engineers spend a lot of time on is template segmentation. This program combines the successful experiences of mold making and the capabilities and powerful modeling power of SolidWorks software with high speed and accuracy to make mold division work very easy for engineers.

It also provides a lot of flexibility to build templates by providing a variety of workflows. For example, users can choose a top-down or bottom-up approach to template design. In the top-down approach, the user designs the main structure of the mold without considering the details and gradually moves towards the details and division of the mold, but in the bottom-up approach, the mold is divided before the structural parts are made. 3DQuickMold allows users to switch between different methods at any stage of the work by providing different approaches.

This product, with all its capabilities, makes good use of hardware resources, and even the design of the most complex plastic injection molds with a large number of parts will not have the slightest adverse effect on the smooth running of the program and its efficiency. 3DQuickMold is a complete software for template design engineers.

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It is listed in the Readme file in the Crack folder inside the ISO file.

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