3Dsurvey 2.15.1 x64

3Dsurvey 2.15.1 x64


3Dsurvey is a comprehensive software solution for surface mapping. Using this program, you can give a large number of images of different parts of a particular area and finally get a map of that area. This program, in fact, with an image processing engine, processes each incoming photo, obtains their intersection points, and finally, by intelligently combining these pieces of photos, the final map of the area is accurately and seamlessly integrated. Offers you. Using this program, you can easily calculate the area or volume of a specific area.

For this program to work properly, it is enough to be given images with a relatively high-quality camera. The only hassle left is to capture images of the area, which is solved with a GoPro camera connected to the UAV or flying helicopters. In fact, you can move the helicopter in an area with a control joystick without going up and down the heights, and take the pictures you want using the camera attached to it. The development team of this program has put a lot of energy into increasing the accuracy of the product.

The professional programmers of this product are still increasing the machine vision capabilities and increasing the image processing accuracy and output of this program. Note that you do not need bird’s path log files to use 3Dsurvey. All you have to do is enter the appropriate photos into the app. This product is the result of continuous teamwork and taking into account customer feedback in 300 different projects.

required system

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10




Installation guide

After installation, copy and replace the file in the Crack folder in the program installation location.

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