4k screen troubleshooting
4k screen

4k screen troubleshooting

Features 4k screens

As you know, one of the most important features of a screen is the quality of the images displayed. One of the things that affects the quality of a screen is the resolution. Resolution is the number of horizontal and vertical pixels on a screen, and naturally the higher the number on a screen, the higher the image resolution. Full HD monitors have a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920, which provides a resolution of 2 million pixels. Monitors that support 4k resolution have been around for some time. In such monitors, the image resolution of 30840 by 2160 is twice that of Full HD, and in total its resolution will reach more than 8.3 million pixels. This has led to monitors that come with this quality to provide a clearer and higher quality image and maintain their quality in large sizes.



4k screen problems in Windows 10

For a long time, most computer system users used standard or Full HD displays that were fully compatible with Windows and displayed images correctly. But with the advent of 4k monitors, the number of pixels and image resolution has almost doubled that of Full HD monitors, and this has made the image seen in this type of screen very small and even unusable. Many applications are not yet compatible with this new quality, so the associated icons and windows are displayed smaller than usual. For example, in the image below, you can see an example of this problem, in which connecting a 4k monitor to a Windows 10 system makes the size of the items very small and the texts almost unreadable. It should be noted that there are solutions to such problems. Read on for a variety of methodsTroubleshooting 4k screen We provide explanations.


4k screen troubleshooting







Fixed the problem of small programs in Windows 10

The first method:

One way to solve the problem of small programs in Windows 10 is to use Windows scale settings. To do this, enter the System Settings and click on Display. In the window displayed in the right column, find the Scale and layout option. In this section, you can select the percentage you want to scale. As the amount increases, the size of applications, posts and other items on the page becomes larger. Usually Windows automatically adjusts the Scale percentage to display the icons in the right size, but using a 4k monitor will cause this problem and you will have to adjust it to the desired size.


Solve the problem of small programs in Windows 10


You can also click on custom scaling and type the amount you want. This page warns you that some applications may not be compatible with this scaling.


4k screen troubleshooting


The second method:

If only one of your applications has encountered such a problem, we suggest that you right-click on the icon of that 4k screen and click Properties to fix the problem . In the displayed window, enter the Compatibility tab and enable the Disable display scaling option on high DPI settings.

Solve the problem of small programs in Windows 10

Third method:

As mentioned earlier, the main reason for the shrinkage of the program is the new type of monitors and incompatibility of programs with it. On the other hand, we suggest that you update your Windows to the latest version to fix the 4k screen problem to fix the compatibility issue. To do this, enter the Windows Setting and select the Updates & Security option. Then select Check for updates from the Windows Update section. To get acquainted with other methods of updating Windows, read the Windows 10 update guide article .


4k screen troubleshooting


The fourth method

In some cases, it is possible that the lack of an update to the graphics card driver has caused such a problem. For this reason, to solve the problem of small programs in Windows 10 , we suggest you to update the graphics card driver. Read the article Download Intel Graphics Card Driver in this regard.


The fifth method

If only one of the programs installed on your system has encountered such a problem, you can completely remove that program from your system and try to install it again. On the other hand, we suggest that you download and install the latest version of the program. In many cases, updating the programs will solve the problem of their incompatibility.


Sixth method:

Another way to troubleshoot a 4k screen is to use the Windows registry. To do this, search for regedit in the Star menu and select it to display the Registry Editor page. Then go to the following address through the left column:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> SideBySide


In this step, like the image on the right side of the screen, click and select the DWORD (32 bit) Value option from the NEW section. Then name it PreferExternalManifest and press ENTER.


Solve the problem of small programs in Windows 10

In this step, right-click on PreferExternalManifest and click Modify. In the Value Data field, enter the number 1 and activate the Decimal option. Finally, click OK and exit the registry.


4k screen troubleshooting


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