5 amazing Android music players

Android music players

Enjoy music on your smartphone with these 5 amazing Android music players

If you listen to music on your phone, you know that there are no restrictions on how to work with music on Android virtually. The good news is that with a little internet search you can find a lot of music player apps. If you have created a music archive for yourself, enjoy listening to your favorite songs using the best Android music players.

1- Introducing the best Android music players -Phonograph

One of the best Android music player is   “Phonograph”. It has a very nice design and UI and allows you to change the colors to your liking and personalize the app to some extent. This app does not have special and unique features, but it performs all the usual things in the best way.

2- Introducing the best Android music players – Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle Music Player is one of the best Android apps in terms of appearance and design. It also takes advantage of good features, including a six-band equalizer, and automatic downloads for framing music albums as well as lyrics. One of the interesting features of this program is the use of Last.fm channel. With this feature, the Shuttle app gradually learns which pieces of music you listen to the most. Helping to build personal playlists is another service that Last.fm provides.

For $ 1.75 to get the paid version you can use more themes, folder browsing and even Chromext support.

3- Introducing the best Android music players – JetAudio Music Player

This app is one of the best and most powerful Android apps in the field of music playback in terms of many tricks and manipulations, in addition to the numerous effects it gives you while listening to music. Plugins include AM3D Audio Enhancer and Bongiovi DPS. This plugin performs sound processing with higher efficiency so that it fully satisfies music lovers.

If you like to use multiple widgets and additional options to watch, you have to pay $ 4.99 for the “Plus” version.

4- Introducing the best Android -Poweramp music players

Poweramp app as one of the   best Android music players to  meet all your music needs. Artistic covers of albums and lyrics are included in the heart of the player, and by providing a 10-band equalizer, you can have a high quality output. You can even save your own EQ to have a specific EQ for each specific headphone.

5- Introducing the best Android music players – Google Play Music

Finally, if you are looking for a good and versatile player for playing music files, Google Play Music gives you access to the huge online archive it has collected from these files. You can play them if you have a subscription, but this app can play music files stored in the library on your smartphone. Google Play Music syncs with your Google Account so that playlists and music tracks are available on multiple devices.

This app offers customization suggestions based on your musical habits and the songs you listen to, as well as the archives you have created.