5 Common Computer Problems and How to Fix It

Common Computer Problems
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5 Common Computer Problems and How to Fix It

The computer or laptop does not turn on.

5 Common Computer Problems and How to Fix It

If the computer or laptop does not come up after pressing the power (special power button) and does not boot and turn on, first make sure that the power cable is connected to it.

If it is a laptop, connect the charger to it and check the battery to make sure the connection is correct.

If this problem occurs on a desktop computer, make sure the cable is completely secure.

Then open the case and disconnect the power cord from the motherboard.

This cable has about 20 to 24 pins with different colors, choose a black wire and connect it with a green wire. If the power fan is used, then the power is also healthy.

When you are sure that the power and power cable is safe, go to the BIOS on the main board.

Look for a jumper called clear cmos, which has 2 to 3 pins. Connect it to the jumper once with the tip of a screwdriver.

Try to turn on the computer or not?
In the next step, it is better to remove all the parts on the motherboard.

Like CPU, DVD, RAM, hard drive, sound card, etc. Of course, except for power and data cables and graphics card.

If the computer turns on, you connect and test the components you removed one by one.

Until you find the defective part and of course if there is a problem, leave the repair to a repair shop.

Slowing down computer speed and performance

5 Common Computer Problems and How to Fix It

Computers, like other electronic devices, slow down somewhat after a period of use and obsolescence.

But sometimes, despite the fact that the computer has not been around for a long time.

But the computer crashes and its performance and speed slows down.

Computer slowdowns can be due to the following reasons.

Computer viruses, overheating, use of invalid versions of Windows, installation of heavy software and programs, etc.

To diagnose a computer problem, the problem of slowing down and delaying the performance and efficiency of the computer can be partially solved by software tests.


5 Common Computer Problems and How to Fix It

Wi-Fi not connected

5 Common Computer Problems and How to Fix It

In today’s world where most activities require an internet connection.

Not connecting to a Wi-Fi network is a major problem.

If it is not connected to Wi-Fi, try to check the distance between the device and the modem.

Make sure the connection password is correct.

If you are not connected, you can always use an Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet.

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Problems with computers and laptops

5 Common Computer Problems and How to Fix It

If your system hangs while working with a computer or laptop and the mouse and keyboard do not work.

Reset the computer button and hold the power button on the laptop for a few seconds.

This will turn off your computer or laptop, then turn it on again after a few minutes.

Restarting your computer or laptop can also be a simple and immediate solution to slow down your computer and improve its performance.
Restarting your computer and laptop fixes a variety of common computer system problems.

So restarting your laptop and computer is the first wise step.

When your computer suddenly hangs up or slows down without any warning.

If you restarted your computer and the problem persists and still exists.

Maybe you have a lot of programs that are in the startup and run with the startup.

Activate Windows and Office

5 Common Computer Problems and How to Fix It

Some users have reported problems activating Windows and Office software.

These problems can have different causes.

But the best way to avoid these problems is to buy the legal version of this operating system.

However, if you can not afford the legal version, using activators can be an effective help.

You can easily find and download activation tools by searching the Internet and activate your software in less than a few minutes.