5G internet speed record broken in South Korea

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Korean researchers were able to break the 5G internet speed record with the help of the communication frequencies of the fifth generation networks with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.

Korean researchers were able to set a new record for 5G internet speed by using the telecommunication frequencies of fifth generation networks . With this new method, Korean researchers were able to record a speed of 5.23 Gbps to transfer data to a mobile electronic device.

Breaking the 5G internet speed record in South Korea

According to the researchers, recording such a record would not have been possible without using the frequency capacities used in the fourth generation network. In fact, Korean researchers used the 800 MHz frequency spectrum of fifth-generation networks and the 40-MHz fourth-generation networks in their study. It also set a record speed of 5.23 Gbps with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.

The Korean researchers said in their report that the record was set with the help of ordinary telecommunication equipment available in commercial mobile networks, and therefore this method can be used in the future to increase the speed of fifth generation networks. The previous record for 5G internet speeds was set by a joint research project by Ericsson, Qualcomm and the Australian telecommunications company Telstra, which were able to achieve data rates of up to 5 Gbps in their experiments.

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