6 simple ways to increase WiFi signal strength
increase WiFi

6 simple ways to increase WiFi signal strength

increase WiFi signal strength

Despite many advances in technology, we still face limitations in accessing high-speed Wi-Fi networks. Radio waves sent from home routers are very weak and fragile and easily interfere with other waves or become weak and unusable when they encounter obstacles in their path. We have all encountered places in the home where Wi-Fi waves have been either inaccessible or very weak, and we certainly all agree that slow internet connections or instability in communication have been really painful and even It can lead to financial losses. Here are six simple ways to prevent these waves from being wasted and increase their power.

Don’t forget to update

It may seem trivial, but sometimes your router may only need one upgrade. Router manufacturers always change the software to slightly increase the performance and speed of their devices. Most of today’s routers can be updated via their management interface, so just press the Update Button button in your router settings.

In fact, even if your wireless network is not a problem, you should try to update your router firmware regularly. This will improve performance, possibly increase functionality, and provide access to security updates.

An important topic called location

Location and distance from devices connected to the network is one of the most important causes of computer network problems. The place where you place your router has a direct impact on the area covered by your wireless waves. So do not limit yourself to bookshelves or desks. Try to install the router on the wall in an open environment and as high as possible.

Wired routers have no problem with this and can be hidden anywhere. But a wireless router should be in an open space away from surrounding walls and obstacles. Since radio waves generally propagate toward the ground, try to place the router on the second floor of the house or at the highest possible height if possible.

In wireless routers, the most important task is antennas. There are antennas that transmit Wi-Fi waves and receive the waves sent from the devices connected to the network. Try to place the antenna in the place where it is most likely to exchange waves with its surroundings. On many routers it is possible to disconnect the antenna from the device. If your router also supports this feature, you can change the location of the antenna or even replace them with more powerful examples.

Back to the old days

It may be hard to imagine giving up wireless internet anymore, but believe me, although cable internet access is not easy and pleasant, it is still the best way to stay online. This method is faster than connecting to Wi-Fi, it does not interfere with the waves of other wireless devices, and with a regular Ethernet wiring, you can make a stable connection anywhere in the house. By providing a quality Ethernet cable and connecting one end to the router and the other end to the laptop or any other device, a stable connection will be established. If your desktop or laptop computer does not have an Ethernet port, you can use separate network cards. In addition, wired networks are more secure because they are more limited and harder to penetrate than Wi-Fi waves. In general, the choice of network connection method depends on the type of your application.

Boost the waves

If your home Wi-Fi network is constantly disconnected and connected, it may be time to consider a Wi-Fi amplifier so that your signal can be transmitted to more distant parts of the house and blind spots inaccessible to the waves. WiFi should be kept to a minimum.

Wi-Fi extenders, as their name implies, receive the waves sent from your router and republish them, thus covering more places. The problem is that the re-emitted waves from these expansion devices will get weaker the farther they go. However, they are very easy to use and many of them can be set up and ready to use in less than a few seconds.

Although expansion devices are not like routers, you must follow the same rules for using and maintaining them. Place the extender as close to the main router as possible to receive the waves well, and at the same time place it as close to the place where the waves are receiving with difficulty to amplify the waves properly. Be. The fewer obstacles and disturbing waves around the extender, the higher the efficiency of this device.

Block the way of alien infiltration

All routers come with the same username and password, and some do not use any passwords at first. For this reason, it sometimes happens that the cause of the problems related to the wireless network is not related to the weak or interference of the waves and the problem is due to the unauthorized use of your signal by the neighbors.

Log in to your router’s management interface and see what devices are connected to your network. If you have not yet made the settings to close the network and increase its security, enable the security options by entering the router settings page and choose a complex and unpredictable password for your router. Another security solution is to change the name of your network ID (SSID) during the initial setup of the router.

Maybe it’s time to switch

The main component of your home network is your router / modem, so if you have done all the necessary work to fix the connection problem and signal weakness and have not yet resolved, it is better to search for the problem in the router itself. do. Upgrading your old router to a new one is an effective way to increase the quality of your home network: wider Wi-Fi coverage, stronger signals, and better ability to meet the needs of newer networked devices. Among the benefits of using a new and updated router.

The situation will be worse if you have received your router from your ISP, because the routers provided by ISPs do not have the quality needed to manage a network, and most modem / router devices are combined. They also do not have good quality. So if you still have trouble disconnecting the signal, it is better to replace your router device.