6 ways to get rid of bad eating habits

6 ways to get rid of bad eating habits

It is 10 pm and you have decided to go to bed earlier than every day, but the ice cream in the freezer is ringing. You know that eating ice cream is not good for you, but you do not pay attention to it and go for it. No matter how hard you try to lose weight and stay healthy, all that matters now is to eat delicious ice cream that flashes. As you know, everyone has their own eating habits. Everyone who loves sweets and ice cream knows very well that it is very difficult to suppress the daily appetite in this case. The good news is that everyone can fight their eating habits and avoid certain substances. In this article, we are going to discuss strategies that will help you change your bad eating habits .

  1. Close your eyes to bad food:

Sometimes the best way to avoid eating a food is to remove it from your eyes. The best option for most people is to create a visual barrier. For example, instead of wrapping food in a clear plastic bag, you can wrap it in foil and then put it in a freezer bag. Now, every time you go to the kitchen, there will be no tempting news. Studies show that people who store items such as cookies, cakes, chips, soft drinks and sweets in the kitchen and in front of their eyes will gain 13 kilograms more than other people.

  1. Obstruct harmful food:

Perhaps the hardest part is not eating the food you want. The best option in such cases is to set a simple barrier between yourself and the food or snack. If you love eating chips, tell yourself that you should go to the store and get a package of it. Going to the store well is not easy for everyone. So you have created a barrier that helps you stay away from harmful substances. Studies show that employees consumed about 9 chocolates a day when a container of chocolate was on the table. But when the chocolate container was placed a few meters away, this amount was reduced to 4 chocolates per day. This means even adding a few steps to this chocolate dish; Reduces its consumption by up to 50%.

  1. Do not even think about abstinence:

Avoiding tempting foods will not work when it comes to experts, experts say. For example, most people say that from today, I will stop consuming sugar completely for a month. After a short period of abstinence, even moderate consumption of these substances will be difficult (one can not consume even these substances in moderation, and Will consume more than the previous amount). Instead of trying to figure out what to do with it, try to limit your consumption to just what you can really achieve. For example, instead of eating your coffee with two spoons of sugar, consume it with one and a half spoons of sugar. Then you can take the next step and reduce it further next week.

  1. Encourage yourself:

Every little change in bad eating habits is great. If you can not quickly get rid of your bad eating habits , do not think that you have failed. Only look for things that you can improve. For example, instead of eating 10 slices of pizza, you eat only 4 slices. Even if the process is smooth, you should not despair, give yourself a boost and move forward with strength.

  1. Do not punish yourself if you return to bad habits:

Well, we all know how bad it feels to go back to bad eating habits. Most of the time we tell ourselves how stupid you are, you couldn’t even break a simple habit. This is by no means correct. Punishing and blaming will not have any positive effect on you and instead will destroy your personality and your self-confidence. When you get into a bad habit, tell yourself I did my best, but the next morning I will start all over again.

  1. Get help from your inner strength:

Reward yourself for the progress you have made when you set aside the punishment for small mistakes. But using materials for rewards does not seem ideal. It is better to use internal rewards for yourself. For example, when you walk past a store and you pay no attention to the chips and puffs, go back and look again and enjoy the confidence that has been built in you. This good feeling can pave the way for you.