TweakBit offers a batch of software to speed up and fix computers, that is easy to use as it gets. One of the most beneficial tools, along with other products like PS Suite, PC Booster, Repair Kit, File Recovery, is TweakBit Driver Updater. It acts to detect missing or outdated drivers, as well as to getting the newest driver versions.

Their database with 200 000 drivers ensures efficiency. So once a user runs this program, it immediately diagnoses a device/system and offers all updates. Besides main Overview dashboard in the menu, we get other options such as Diagnostics for scan details, Support, Back up, Restore and, of course, Settings.

Key functions:

  • Scans missing/outdated drivers
  • Offers easy way to update to latest versions
  • Ensures system stability / Performs diagnostics
  • Provides file recovery tool
  • Repairs driver-related errors


  • Pros:
  • Offers official device-specific drivers only
  • Backup and the ability to roll back any changes
  • Exceptional performance, user-friendly
  • Cons:
  • Antiviruses perceive the installation file as a virus/threat so one has to turn off the protection
  • No actual free version, no trial
  • Register an account to unlock full features

Tips. There is a refund option – within first 30 days users may apply for it if not happy with the product. If you don’t wish to pay, use TweakBit to perform the scan and then update select drivers manually.

Verdict. A decent driver updater tool, with nice usability, simplicity, one-click action or one-by-one updates, restore points and all that. However, one has to activate a paid account to get full functionality, which is a grain of salt. On the other hand, many users report that TweakBit Works just like CCleaner or any other similar tool, which is definitely a positive feedback.