9Rays Spices.Net Suite

SpicesNet Suite is a set of security tools to protect .NET programming language code. This software includes tools for .Net developers such as code obfuscation, tamper defense, tools for recovering source code and converting binaries to C # and VB.Net, analysis tools and Environmental modeling. Spices.Net toolkit helps developers increase code security, safety, quality and productivity of .NET software.

Features and Features of SpicesNet Suite:

  • Spices.Net Obfuscator: Provides solutions to increase the security of written code and prevent code manipulation
  • Spices.Net Decompiler: A tool for recovering source code and converting binary files to C #, VB.Net, J #, Delphi.Net and managed C ++
  • Spices.Modeler: Modeling and charting tools to visually represent different .NET codes
  • Spices.Investigator: A tool for browsing structured assemblies to get detailed information about each low-level item
  • Spices.Informer: Get detailed information about project elements including token data, runtime interface and project specifications. This tool is accessible from the shortcut menu. You can right-click on the form and select the option you want from the drop-down list.
  • Visual Studio Integration Package: Specific modules for integrating Spices.Net tools with the Visual Studio programming environment and MSBuild and NAnt environments. This package offers a complete set of Spices.Net features in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Spices.Localizer: Translate and localize assemblies and create dialog and string resources. Files generated by Spices.Localizer can use Spices.Obfuscator to obscure assemblies.

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file.

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