A guide to transferring PlayStation 4 game data via PC

A guide to transferring PlayStation 4 game data via PC

As you know, PlayStation 4 games take a long time to download due to their large size and slow download speed of the file through the console. In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to transfer PlayStation 4 game data via PC.

For some time now, the market for eighth generation consoles in Iran has become very hot and has attracted a large audience. The games of these consoles are offered in both physical and digital types, and because many users want to buy a digital version, they naturally have many problems, including low file download speeds and unclear file parts in their console dashboard, after downloading a game with Files are corrupted and potential problems are encountered. Now, with the help of various tools, it is possible to download the files of a game from the computer and transfer them to the desired console using applications specific to each console, in addition to faster, to minimize the possibility of file corruption. . You can download the titles you want using a personal computer from the  website and then transfer them to your console so that if for any reason you want to reinstall the game, you can download it again from your computer at no cost. Transfer yourself to the console. This tutorial will include several parts, which we will discuss in the following.

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Part 1 – Connecting the console and computer to a reference modem

Before you start, you will need a laptop or desktop computer, as well as a modem (wired or wireless) to connect your console and computer to the modem using a LAN cable or Wi-Fi cable.

Connecting the console and computer to the modem using a LAN cable will be faster.

Part II – Preparing the PSX Download Helper program


  1. Download the PSX Download Helper app.
  2. After downloading, extract the zip file and enter the program folder.
  3. Do not disconnect the Internet from the computer.
  4. Right-click on the exe file and select Run as Adminstrator.
  5. Now that the program is running, from the IP section, write down the corresponding number and click on the Start option.
  6. Also note the Port section. (Always 8080)
  7. Then go to your console and follow the instructions in the third section.
  • Tip: If the programming language was Chinese, follow the instructions below.



After running the program, click on the above option. Then go to the fifth tab and select the English option from the drop-down menu. Then click Ok and close the program and run it again. The language of the program is English.

Part 3 – Preparing the PlayStation 4 console

PSX-Download-Helper (1)

  1. Enter the PlayStation Store.
  2. Go to the game section you want and select the Download option.
  3. Now exit the PlayStation Store and return to the main console menu.
  4. Go to Notifications »Downloads.
  5. Wait for a few kilobytes (Kb) to be downloaded from the file and then pause it.
  6. Now go to Settings »Network» Set up Internet Connection.
  7. Select the wireless or wired option of your choice.
  8. Then continue the settings on Custom to reach the Proxy Settings section. (Set all sections except Proxy to automatic)
  9. In this field, enter the same IP and Port that you wrote down.
  10. Click Next and continue until the end, but select the Connection Test option.
  11. All sections must be Successful and the NAT Type section must be in Mode 1 or 2.
  12. Now go to the PSX Download Helper program and after doing these two sections, go to the fourth section.

Part 4 – Transferring files from PC to console


  1. Put all the pieces of data in a specific folder.
  2. Go to the PSX Download Helper settings section.
  3. Select the Auto Find ReplaceFile option and enter the address of the data folder.
  4. Now select the Apply option from the bottom of the settings section and return to the first tab of the program.
  5. Continue downloading through your console in the Notifications »Downloads section.
  6. You can see that the console is receiving data from the computer at a high speed.
  7. Wait for the data to be fully transferred to the console.
  8. After the transfer is complete, the data will be installed automatically.
  9. Then run the game and enjoy.