A smartwatch that can make phone calls independently

LG has introduced a new smartwatch that can receive, make or send phone calls completely independently and without the need for a smartphone. This smartwatch, recently introduced by LG, is called Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE, which runs Google Wear smartwatch software.
According to Mediasoft; You can add a SIM card to Urbane 2 to connect to your carrier and exchange data. This means that you will no longer need your smartphone and you can always be freely available with this watch. For AT&T and Verizon customers, the two largest mobile service companies in the United States, Urbane 2 requires a dedicated SIM card. But AT&T customers can take advantage of the company’s NumberSync technology, which does not require a separate phone number or data service. This service connects to your current phone number and charges $ 10 for this extra device. Verizon customers can also connect Urbane 2 to the company’s services for $ 5 a month.


For now, you won’t be able to stream music through apps like Spotify and Pandora, but LG says the feature will be added soon, as soon as Google makes it available via Android Wear. will be. Your operator’s antenna receivers as well as GPS antennas to locate you are embedded in 2nd Edition LTE straps and are only available in rubber straps.

Urbane 2 is available from November 13 for AT&T alone for $ 299 (or $ 199 on a two-year contract). Verizon customers can also pre-order the Urbane 2 for $ 449, which launches on Friday, November 19th.