ABBYY Comparator Multilingual + Portable

ABBYY Comparator is a powerful software for comparing different documents with each other. This program automatically reports all the changes between different documents to you with high speed and accuracy. An interesting feature of this program is that you can compare different formats of a specific document with each other. For example, compare the text you wrote in Word with the pdf version. Or compare the text you scanned visually with a scanner to text documents in other formats. Currently, the program supports many formats, including all Microsoft Office formats, pdf, document scanning, jpg, tiff, png and تصاویر images.

This program highlights the changed part when it changes the documents, regardless of its format, and you can see it quite clearly. It is also possible to save changes in the form of a regular report, which even has the ability to filter some changes in the report. For example, set it so that only significant changes are mentioned in the report and minor changes are not mentioned in the report. ABBYY Comparator has a simple user interface and does not have a difficult learning process. You will easily be able to understand all the capabilities of the program by working several times. Using this program will definitely reduce human errors and will have a great impact on increasing people’s work efficiency.

Features and specifications of ABBYY Comparator:

  •  Simple user interface
  • Easy learning and transparent work process
  • Supports a variety of formats for comparing documents, even scanned documents
  • Ability to compare documents with different formats
  • Ability to report changes in batches for multiple files
  • Highlight changed parts
  • Various settings for customizing application parts
  • Ability to adjust the reporting method (for example, only the parts that have changed a lot should be mentioned in the report)

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

download link

Download ABBYY_Comparator_13.0.102.232_Multilingual

Download ABBYY_Comparator_13.0.102.232_Portable

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