[Download] Abelssoft GClean (GoogleClean) 2022 222.0.29690

[Download] Abelssoft GClean (GoogleClean) 2022 222.0.29690


GoogleClean is a tool for clearing data from various Google tools. These days, every device that has the ability to connect to the Internet has a trace of Google products in it. We are posting our interests when we do a Google search. When we watch a movie on YouTube, we still tell Google what we are looking for, when we use Google Chrome, when we use different extensions in the browser, when we search for a specific area in Google Earth, when we use Google Toolbar, Google Desktop Search, Google Picasa, Google Drive and….

If we look at the issue optimistically, Google in all these tools, by constantly collecting information and user interests and their search history, only seeks to increase the intelligence and improve the performance of its tools, and its goal is to improve the user experience of users around the world.

But if for any reason we do not want Google to collect information from the moon, is there a solution? GoogleClean software claims yes. This program is designed to prevent any information transaction between us and Google servers. Many Google features do not allow us to manually stop data transfer. Even if there is such an option, there is no guarantee that the information will not be sent.

That’s why Abelssoft GClean is cautiously stuck in a corner without interfering with Google settings, and it blocks them as soon as information, albeit inaccurate, travels to Google’s servers. With this technique, we can use Google tools without sending any information from us to Google. This program supports almost all Google products and you can safely scroll through Google products without being sent a trace.

 Abelssoft GClean System Requirements – GoogleClean: 

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7

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Installation guide

How to activate in the Readme file is explained.

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