Download AbleBits Ultimate Suite for Excel 2021.3.2838.1999 Business

Some features of the plugin:

It is possible to compare tables in this program. The different parts of the tables are displayed in a specific way. You may want to delete duplicate data in a table. This program can do this easily. In addition to tables, you can summarize the data scattered in the sheets in a new sheet. You can even extract different sheets from one workbook and easily import them into another workbook. You will be able to fill the data in a table with random data. You can convert the columns of a table to rows or vice versa. It is much easier to find spelling mistakes in this plugin.

Using AbleBits Ultimate Suite for Excel, you can advance search the data and output the result in the desired format. It is possible to calculate and display the number of values ​​of cells by their color. You can select cells based on their type or color. You can delete empty rows or columns. You can replace the formulas with the desired values. You will manage comments more easily. Put pictures in the comments and many other features. This product is the result of 15 years of effort and experience in the field of producing application products for Excel software, so there are no bugs and other common problems in this program. You can install this software now with high confidence and have more advanced Excel!


AbleBits Ultimate Suite for Excel is a useful plugin for Excel software. This plugin makes it easy to do many repetitive and tedious Excel tasks by gathering more than 40 useful tools. With this program, you can now easily merge two different tables. The work is done in the form of step-by-step wizards and at each stage, the program provides the necessary explanations. Tables can be related to workbooks or different documents from Excel. You can also easily merge rows in a table. You can break large tables into several smaller tables. You can easily remove column headings from one table and place them on another table.


required system

AbleBits Ultimate Suite for Excel Technical Requirements

 Supported Excel versions

  • Excel 2016 x86 + x64
  • Desktop Excel 2016 and 2013 included in Office 365 subscriptions
  • Excel 2013 x86 + x64
  • Excel 2010 x86 + x64
  • Excel 2007 x86
  • Excel 2003 x86

 Supported Windows versions

  • Windows 10 x86 + x64
  • Windows 8.1 x86 + x64
  • Windows 8 x86 + x64
  • Windows 7 x86 + x64
  • Windows Vista x86 + x64
  • Windows XP x86


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Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file.

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Download AbleBits Ultimate Suite for Excel 2021.3.2838.1999 Business Edition
Download AbleBits Ultimate Suite for Excel 2020.1.2494.701 Business Edition
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