Academind - JavaScript - The Tricky Parts 2020

Academind – JavaScript – The Tricky Parts 2020


JavaScript – The Tricky Parts is a training course on the difficult and incomprehensible parts of the JavaScript programming language, published by the Academind Academy.

The Java Script programming language is one of the most powerful and useful programming languages ​​available, which has a set of unique features and special capabilities that distinguish it from other existing languages. Among the most important of these features are the use of the keyword this and its unique capabilities, close closures, recursion concept, hoisting, scope, and accessibility of functions in different situations And… pointed out.

Lack of complete mastery of the above and, most importantly, understanding their application in the real world of programming can introduce a set of errors and bugs into your programs and codebases.

What you will learn in the JavaScript – The Tricky Parts course:

  • Hoisting Behavior in Java Script
  • Scope
  • Application of Callback functions in Java Script
  • Execute and call various direct and indirect functions
  • Rings and their types
  • Initial values
  • Force type or type coercion in JavaScript
  • Different types of data types
  • Prototype
  • And …

Course specifications

Publisher: Academind
Instructor: Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Language: English
Level: Average
Number of Courses: 108
Duration: 9 hours

Course topics

Getting Started

Scopes & Hoisting

Direct vs Indirect Function Execution (Callbacks & Events)


Primitive vs Reference Values

Types & Type Coercion



Asynchronous Code

The “this” Keyword

Prototypes & Inheritance

JavaScript Prerequisites – The Tricky Parts

Slightly advanced JavaScript knowledge is required, you do not need to be an expert though

All pre-requisites are covered by courses in our “Academind Pro” Membership.

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