AcadTopoPlan v16.12.3

AcadTopoPlan v16.12.3

AcadTopoPlan is a powerful plugin for CAD systems such as AutoCAD software that focuses on civil engineers and organizations and individuals working on engineering and preparing geodetic maps to build industrial facilities. Geodetic mapping method refers to a set of methods that are used to determine and evaluate quantities directly or indirectly to express the geometric shape or gravitational field. Each project reveals a set of unknown quantities to the surveyor based on its quality needs and wants.

Based on these unknowns, experts make a preliminary plan to determine the type and amount of information and the method of collecting this information. This information is collected after the evaluation and a comprehensive map is prepared based on it, which are known as geodetic maps. To facilitate this, various softwares have been offered, AcadTopoPlan is one of the most important softwares in this field. This product will be by your side in all stages of data collection, analysis and visualization of the results.

This program is able to enter many parameters in an accurate mathematical model based on the information provided and based on the requested unknowns, and provides preliminary results from the so-called Pre-Analysis methods. These results will be more accurate by changing the ambiguous parameters by the user. In each step of the calculations, the accuracy of the unknown parameters (breaking) is determined. This program also provides you with good tools for post-breakdown calculations by which you can ensure the accuracy of the observations. AcadTopoPlan is a plugin for AutoCAD software and you will be able to draw detailed geodetic maps in a familiar environment.

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