Access router settings via mobile
router settings

Access router settings via mobile

router settings from mobile

A router is a device that enables the establishment of a wireless network in a secure environment. Each Wi-Fi connection uses this router and allows multiple users to connect to a single network. As the number of users connected to a router increases, so does the network speed. There are many times when you think it would be nice if you could control this router only through your smartphone. In the following, we will review the applications through which you can wirelessly control the router settings and fix possible problems.

In fact, each of the major manufacturers to develop the ability to manage and control their routers develop applications that can be used on smartphones or tablets. The applications that are introduced to you for router control in the continuation of this article have been selected based on the research of expert groups and the scores received by users.

1. Asus

Asus has introduced its own application to control its routers. Using this application, users can control all the necessary features and capabilities of the company’s routers with their smartphone. Users can also analyze the operation of the router through this application and monitor the data used. These features are very useful and useful, and if you use an Asus brand router, you can benefit from the capabilities of this application.

2.  Netgear


Netgir is one of the most famous global brands of router production and the number of users who use this brand around the world is very high. With this level of popularity and services offered by this brand, it seems unlikely that wireless control and management capabilities for netting routers are not considered. There is an application called Netgear genie that you can install on your smartphone to access features such as data analysis, network management and many other features. Therefore, users of Wi-Fi routers should not neglect this application.

3. Linksys

The routers of this brand, especially in Iran, are more popular than the routers of Netgir, and a management application has been considered for Link Cis routers. Through this application, users can view the amount of data consumption, determine access levels through special parental control options, customize the bandwidth available in the network, and many other management and monitoring features in Have authority.

4. WiFi Router Master

WiFi Router Master is the easiest application for scanning the network, IP and Wi-Fi, allowing you to find your router settings page and password. This application can also be used as an IP and ping tool. You can also use this tool to identify users on your own network and block the access of strangers. 

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