Accusoft ImageGear for .NET 24.8 Retail

Accusoft ImageGear for .NET 24.8 Retail

ImageGear is a huge library for image processing in .NET. .NET programmers can use the extensive capabilities of this library in their applications. Using this library, you can open a variety of images in more than 100 different formats in your program, apply a variety of effects and image processing on it. This library has a large number of classes and methods with the help of which you can perform any type of processing on your desired images. Also, if you are writing a program that needs to process the text characters of scanned files, you can get rid of duplicate tasks to a large extent by using the optimal OCR engine of this program. In addition, it is possible to read barcodes as well as medical images saved in DICOM format.

One of the advantages of this library is the legible and orderly coding of its methods and functions. The accurate documentation of this library has made it possible for you to find suitable items for your work and use them among the huge volume of functions of this library. Function naming, parameters, return types are all well chosen so that the end user can easily use them. Using ImageGear, you can implement a cloud scanner, which means that your images will be automatically sent to the cloud servers after processing and used for other purposes. This library can be used in ASP.NET projects and has special capabilities for web pages. The need to use these libraries becomes more apparent when it comes to increasing the reliability and error-free nature of the program, as well as short development time.

Installation guide

Register the software using the serial in the Serial.txt file.

Example for licensing in code:

public partial class Form1: Form
public Form1 ()
InitializeComponent ();
// Create an ImagXpress object for licensing and pass in the IContainer of the form
Accusoft.ImagXpressSdk.ImagXpress imagXpress1 = new Accusoft.ImagXpressSdk.ImagXpress (this.components);
// *** The SetSolutionName, SetSolutionKey and possibly the SetOEMLicenseKey methods must be called to distribute the runtime ***
imagXpress1.Licensing.SetSolutionName (“YourSolutionName”);
imagXpress1.Licensing.SetSolutionKey (12345,12345,12345,12345);
imagXpress1.Licensing.SetOEMLicenseKey (“1.0.AStringForOEMLicensingContactAccusoftSalesForMoreInformation…”);

// Create an ImageXView object and pass in the ImagXpress workspace component.
Accusoft.ImagXpressSdk.ImageXView imageXView1 = new Accusoft.ImagXpressSdk.ImageXView (imagXpress1);
this.Controls.Add (imageXView1);

for version 23:

After patching product version in assembly “ImageGear23.Core.dll” from 23 to 22 everything’s OK.

download link

Download Accusoft_ImageGear_for_.NET_v24.8_x64

Download Accusoft_ImageGear_for_.NET_23.4_Retail_x86

Download Accusoft_ImageGear_for_.NET_23.4_Retail_x64

Tested versions:

Download Accusoft_ImageGear_for_.NET_22.2_Retail_x86

Download Accusoft_ImageGear_for_.NET_22.2_Retail_x64

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