AcornPipe 8-619

AcornPipe 8-619

AcornPipe is the right software for quickly drawing isometric drawings of plumbing installations. Isometric drawings are one of the most practical and accurate drawings available in the science of piping. These drawings try to show the three-dimensional nature of piping in two-dimensional paper space. In fact, isometric maps use symbols and standards that allow experts to better display three dimensions on the two-dimensional nature of paper. In piping operations, the most important issue is the map.

A detailed plan should include plumbing consumables with detailed details including the type of pipe insulation, the type of painting, the type of piping implementation, the type of stresses and pressure tests, the type of pipe heating, and so on. Using AcornPipe, drawing such maps is easy. There are no paper restrictions here, you can easily expand the dimensions of the page according to the design needs. In this program, it is possible to provide a detailed list of construction and installation items. By installation items we mean those that require work such as cutting, welding and bending to install.

These items include items such as fittings, flanges, control valves, and more. Non-installation items also include items such as screws, non-welded valves, holders, and so on. The AcornPipe environment, like most software on the Windows platform, is designed to be standard and uncomplicated. You have access to all the features and capabilities through the menus and toolbar of the program. One of the interesting points of this program is the immediate updating of changes in all parts of the map. For example, when you change the scale, the type of insulation cover, the length of a pipe, and so on, these changes interact across all tables, lists, and drawings. However, if you want to do the same thing on paper, it will take a long time. This means that for each change, you must manually control and update other parts.

Installation guide

After installation, copy the dll file in the Crack folder to the software installation location; The cracked file may be mistakenly identified as cracked by some antivirus if it is clean.

Also, due to the obsolescence of the software, for the full operation of the crack, the time of the software should be postponed to 2015.

This version was installed on January 25, 1996 in 64-bit Windows 10 and was successfully activated.

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