Actipro Controls Suite 2020.1

Actipro Controls Suite 2020.1


Actipro Controls A complete set of advanced programming components  including a large number of WPF, Win Forms, SilverLight, WinRT controls for the .NET platform. In the following, we have prepared a list of all controls for download. Wpf is a new technology from Microsoft that has attracted the attention of many designers since its release.

Although this technology is very flexible and gives a lot of power to programmers and designers to build new graphic components, but often developers do not have the opportunity to do so or do not have high knowledge to build quality graphic components, so other companies do this. they are working.

WPF components This set has a lot of beautiful graphical controls such as coding editor with highlight syntax, barcode, chart types, speed hand (suitable for download and upload speeds), ribbons, themes and various wizards. Other controls in this suite are related to Microsoft’s UWP platform, which is widely used to build Windows 10 applications using WinRT technology .

Using these components, you can easily provide beautiful and efficient programs for the Windows 10 operating system. These controls apply to both the Windows Store and Windows Phone projects. If you have not yet migrated to WPF and are still struggling with old Winforms, the Win Forms package controls still do not disappoint.

These controls include various categories including advanced editors, wizards, various floating and dockable toolbars, navigation controls, and more. Finally, Silverlight platform developers have access to a variety of controls.

Developers can build their web applications on the Silverlight platform with the help of a wide range of controls. This set includes graphical charts including bar charts, barcode controls, information display panels, step-by-step wizards, or microcharts to display complex information.

Features and specifications of Actipro suite:

  • Wide range of advanced graphics controls for WPF, Win Forms, SilverLight, WinRT platforms
  • Types of information charts (millimeters, circles, etc.)
  • Barcode control (2D)
  • Information display panels with the ability to automatically stick to corners
  • Microcharts to display complex information
  • Coding editor control with the possibility of highlight syntax

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Installation guide

Given in the text file.

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Download Actipro WinForms Controls v2020.1.0
Download Actipro WPF Controls v2020.1.0

Download Actipro WPF Controls 2019.1.0683

Download Actipro WPF Controls 2018.1.0676
Download Actipro WPF Controls 2018.1.0674
Download Actipro WinForms Controls 2018.1.0342
Download Actipro WinForms Controls 2018.1.0341

Download Actipro WPF controls 17.2.0663
Download Actipros Silverlight controls 2017.2 build 0220
Download Actipros Universal Windows controls 2017.2 build 0320
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