Active Query Builder .NET WinForms Edition

Active Query Builder .NET WinForms Edition

Active Query Builder .NET is a .NET component for SQL query builder that allows you to create SQL queries through an intuitive query-creating interface. Active Query Builder has all the features of SQL, including unions and sub-queries, and is very easy to do. The interface of this component is similar to MS Access and SQL Server, so it is familiar with many databases. By adding Active Query to your product, you can provide easy work for beginners and a powerful tool for professionals. Active Query helps users to understand the database when working with the database.

Features and specifications of Active Query Builder .NET component:

  • Easy build of complex SQL query with union and subquery
  • MS-Access style user interface with drag & drop support
  • Customizable SQL query text formatting
  • Sort database objects using area theme or any other attribute
  • Upload metadata from various sources (via web services or datasets)
  • Save data in XML file
  • Restrict access to unwanted objects, prevent SQL query execution
  • Quick access to comprehensive query information: Database objects, columns and query parameters
  • Hide erroneously selected objects, auto-filter by schema or object name
  • Edit an existing query or create a new sql query at runtime
  • Supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix, Sybase, Interbase, Firebird and other databases

Installation guide

After installation inside the Crack‌ folder, run the bat file as run as admin.

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