Active Query Builder VCL for Delphi 10.3

Active Query Builder VCL is an intuitive query build component that enables you to build SQL or Unions queries and subqueries from an intuitive interface. Active Query Builder has a powerful SQL Analyzer that lets you analyze and modify complex SQL queries. This component can be integrated with multiple lines of code in a Delphi and C ++ application.

Features and characteristics of Active Query Builder VCL component:

  • Easily build complex SQL queries with union and subqueries
  • User-friendly MS-Access style interface with drag and drop capabilities
  • Customizable SQL query text formatting
  • Easy metadata management
  • Complete replacement of obscure objects and field names for user-friendly names
  • Hide unwanted selected objects, auto-filter by schema or object name
  • Upload metadata from various sources (via web services or from data)
  • Working as not having a connection to the database, storing metadata in an XML file
  • Powerful API for analyzing and modifying SQL queries
  • Restrict access to unwanted objects, prevent SQL query execution
  • Quick access to comprehensive query information: Database and field objects, Query columns and parameters
  • Easily change SQL queries to resize data results according to user request
  • Build SQL parsed sub charts to visualize the structure of complex SQL queries
  • Search and filter objects in the Schema database directory
  • Full support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Informix
  • Ability to compile components with DevExpress VCL control

Installation guide

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Download Active Query Builder for Delphi 10.3 Rio Full Source

Download Active Query Builder_1.7.9.57 for 10.1 Berlin 10.2 Tokyo

Download Active Query Builder for D5-XE7

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