ActiveGanttCSW WPF Gantt Chart / Scheduler Control C # 3.2.3

ActiveGanttCSW WPF Gantt Chart / Scheduler Control C # 3.2.3

ActiveGanttCSW is a beautiful set of controls for adding Gantt charts and advanced programming capabilities to C # WPF applications. These controls can be used practically in .NET environments and languages ​​that support WPF for user interface design. You can use these controls to build software that deals with Gantt charts and project progress, or programs that are timed. This component has a clear structure and it is easy to understand its object-oriented hierarchy. Since this component is based on an object-oriented model, there is no need to learn new concepts to work with it.

This component is also able to design a tree view to compile and display the failure structure or WBS. This chart can be used to identify and categorize work components so that the overall scope of the work can be shown. In Gantt charts you can zoom in indefinitely and there are no restrictions in this regard. Timeline is fully customizable. This component has a grid feature and there is a complete tool for displaying diagrams in a specific historical range.

This control displays Gantt charts with various Miestones in multiple layers. It is possible to import XML files from Microsoft Project 2003, 2007 and 2010. This controller supports XPS printing, and its print algorithm is available in open source, in C #. Since this component supports Unicode, various languages ​​such as Persian and Arabic can be easily used. ActiveGanttCSW is compiled in two modes and is available as open source in C # language with suitable documentation for programmers.

Features and characteristics of ActiveGanttCSW:

  • Build Gantt charts and add scheduling and scheduling capabilities to .NET applications
  • Stylish appearance in WPF format
  • Ability to create job failure charts or WBS
  • Chart management in several independent layers
  • Availability of complete codes and documentation
  • XPS printing capability

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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