Actix Analyzer 5.5.349.850 x64 - Expired License

Actix Analyzer 5.5.349.850 x64 – Expired License

Actix Analyzer is a product of Actix, a good solution for optimizing, analyzing and validating mobile networks including 2G, 3G, LTE and VoLTE, this software with its detailed analysis as a standard tool in more than 300 The operator is used all over the world and is one of the best hosts in its working class. Actix Analyzer uniquely supports all common network testing tests, giving engineers the ability to examine a variety of data, regardless of their source. The data is normal and standard, so it is enough to analyze on one data source, the analysis of other data sources will be similar.

This software is one of the most reliable tools in the field of troubleshooting, this tool automatically detects and analyzes common network problems and also examines less common problems. In addition, this software defines KPIs and provides analysis results in the form of reports to improve the network status at the desired speed. Provides periodic analysis to diagnose, root out, location and time of network problems. It is possible to fully decode the IP layer and sessions to build the appropriate KPIs. This program provides the ability to analyze internal networks and their interaction with external networks. Most network-based device manufacturers use this software to ensure the communication quality of their product, as well as to generate complex reports and KPIs.

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