add a firewall to our Android


How can we add a firewall to our Android phone?

Firewall on an Android device allows you to create filters based on IP addresses, hostname or domain name. You can allow or block a specific application from accessing the Internet. Note that you do not need to root your device to install a firewall on an Android device. In this article, we will introduce you to firewalls that can be installed on your Android phone with the least possible hassle.

Firewalls on any operating system prevent malicious IP addresses and malicious programs from compromising your operating system by sending and receiving data from the Internet. Operating systems, such as Windows, are built into a firewall by default to protect your computer from security threats. But in Android, this feature does not exist. As a result, it is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

Use the NoRoot Firewall program

First, you must first download the NoRoot Firewall Android app and install it on your Android phone.

Second step, run the program after installation. To do this, you must click the Start button.

Step 3: You must now allow the application to communicate. Click the Ok button.

Step 4: After doing this, go to the Pending Access tab. In this tab you will see a list of applications that need to connect to the Internet. In front of each program there are two options. The Allow option allows Internet access and the Deny option makes access impossible.

Number two, use the Mobiwol app

Mobiwol NoRoot Firewall is one of the programs that are used to save battery, reduce data consumption and and secure your Android device by restricting the programs that intend to connect to the Internet.

First, download the above program and install it on your Android device. Run the program after installation.

Step 2, you will now see a page similar to the one below. Wait a few seconds for the application to download completely.

Step 3, in the next step you will see a page that is used to set the rules of the firewall. First enable the Firewall Status option.

Step 4: In this step, the program displays a message about building a secure connection that is used to monitor network traffic. Click the Ok button.

Step 5, in the next step you need to specify the settings for Firewall Rules. On this page you will see all the applications that require an Internet connection. You can easily specify access permissions or not permissions for any application.

No. 3, NetGuard – no-root firewall

NetGuard provides simple and advanced solutions to block Internet access without the need to root the device. Applications and addresses can uniquely grant or deny access to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet through this application.

Number four, AFWall +

AfWall + is a front-end application for Android mobile devices. This app allows you to set restrictions for apps that are going to use mobile or WiFi internet. However, the program requires extra-standard access to implement a high level of security. You can use LockPattern / Pin to add an extra layer of security through the app.

Number five, NetPatch Firewall

NetPatch Firewall is a powerful firewall under the Android network that also works on non-rooted phones. With this program you can block access to any network program. This program allows you to minimize data consumption, save battery power and protect your privacy against any program.

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