ADINA System 9.6.2 Windows / Linux

ADINA System is a comprehensive, multi-purpose software for analyzing finite elements, structures, and the flow of fluids and liquids in an interactive manner with a simulated structure. The ADINA System can also be used to analyze multiphysics problems, such as the interaction of fluids and solids and mechanical-thermal structures, and some nonlinear analytical problems. ADINA System from the initials of descriptive words A utomatic D ynamic I ncremental NOnlinear Analysis is taken and represents the nonlinear, dynamic, instrumental, intelligent and automated analysis system of this software in the analysis of issues related to structures, fluids, heat transfer and electromagnetism. The Adina UI uses the Parasolid core for geometry-based analysis, so NX and SolidEdge users can easily integrate Parasolid-based geometry models such as parts and assemblies into structural analysis, heat transfer, fluid, or multiple physics applications. Adina is also able to establish two-way communication with Nastran software and import and export finite element models in op2 format.

Features and specifications of ADINA System software:

– Analysis of membrane cable structures

– Analysis of finite elements of structures and fluid flow

– Accurate modeling of fittings and assemblies

– Ability to intelligently analyze incompatible elements

– Aerodynamic analysis of drones

– Analysis of issues related to structures, fluids and heat transfer

– Simulation of solid cutting process

– Cavitation simulation

– Having a fast and powerful graphics engine

– Finite element analysis

– Calculation of displacement and pressure in solids and structures

– Heat transfer analysis in solids

– Analysis of compressible and incompressible currents

Fluid-Solid Interaction Analysis (FSI)

– Analysis of fluid pressure and fluid flows

– Analysis of heating and electrical connections

– Analysis of multiple physics problems such as thermomechanical structures (TMC)

Installation guide

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