Adobe Camera Raw 13.4 Windows / macOS
Adobe Camera

Adobe Camera Raw 13.4 Windows / macOS


Adobe Camera Raw is one of the most powerful Photoshop plugins for processing raw images. RAW files are images that are not overly manipulated and are the best option for the editing in graphics software. Camera phones and even cameras usually do the initial processing on the image when capturing images, which in most cases causes damage to the image texture.

For this reason, advanced cameras usually save images in raw form so that all the details of the image are recorded in it and photographers can edit with more open hands. Users can use this plugin to edit all kinds of raw images and then convert them to any format desired by other applications.

You can easily perform operations such as cropping, rotating, changing the contrast and brightness of the image, adjusting the color, and many other tasks. This program supports raw images of various cameras from Canon, Samsung, Sony, Sigma, Casio, Nikon, etc.

With this plugin, it is possible to remove image noise without any side effects or changes in its quality, something you may have rarely seen in other graphic software. In addition to Photoshop, this plugin is compatible and usable with Photoshop Element, After Effects, and Bridge. Adobe Camera Raw was first introduced by Adobe in 2003 and has since become one of the most important applications in the professional photographer toolkit.

Features of Adobe Camera Raw Plugin:

  • Easy and fast editing of raw images (adjustment of light, color, contrast, brightness, etc.)
  • Compatible with a variety of cameras
  • Easy removal of photo noise without damaging its texture
  • Can be used in Photoshop, Photoshop Element, and After Effects
  • Ability to convert raw format to other graphic formats

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required system 

for version 13.1 and later:

Adobe Camera Adobe Camera




Adobe Camera

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This application is free.

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Download Adobe Camera Raw 13.4 x64 Windows
Download Adobe Camera Raw 13.1 Windows
Download Adobe Camera Raw 13.4 macOS
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