Adobe RoboHelp 2019.0.14 (x64) Multilanguage + Portable

RoboHelp is software from Adobe for creating help files for mobile platforms, desktop software or web applications. It can generate help files in a variety of formats such as HTML5, Epub, KF8 and Mobi. Almost every software has a help file. Now this software is either in the field of mobile applications, or a program for desktop computers or a web application. Although there is no such thing as a platform, the guide files generated by this program can be run on all platforms.

Through the dynamic filters of this program, which is automatically created on help files, users can search for their desired content more easily and quickly. The interface of this program, like the popular Office family software, has a ribbon toolbar, which has led to the tools and features of this program to be provided to users in more regular categories. Generating HTML5 output for HELP files allows even websites, especially flatbed web applications, to create an online guide to familiarize their users with their program.

This online guide has exactly the same features as the desktop version and there are no restrictions. One of the interesting features of this product is the possibility of using online educational videos and clips inside the help file. You can easily use this feature to connect help to new educational clips on the site. Note also that the program creates help files in a way that fits well on all devices and screens of any size, and users will be able to easily read the content of the help.

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Adobe RoboHelp 2019.0.14 (x64) Multilanguage

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Adobe RoboHelp v2019.0.14 x64 Multilingual Portable

Download Section 1 – 1 GB

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