Udemy - Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More! 2021
Advanced CSS

Udemy – Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More! 2021


Have you been coding CSS for a while but have decided to upgrade your skills and abilities? Feel confused by CSS terms like Inheritance, Specificity, etc.? How nice it was to have a resource, a place, or a place that taught all the advanced CSS techniques and features. Gospel: There is such a thing as; Advanced CSS and Sass training course.

One of the unique periods of Yodmi, which in terms of being advanced, modern, and comprehensive, can not be found in another period that can be reached. In this course, you will learn about complex CSS animations, advanced responsive design techniques, new flexbox layering, Sass preprocessor, CSS architecture, basic CSS principles, and many more. The teacher increases the motivation of students to apply what they have learned by creating real and beautiful projects.

At the end of this course:

  1. You work with the most modern and advanced CSS features and techniques.
  2. You will gain great skills in applying the new and modern Flexbox layering.
  3. You are ready to build any kind of responsive site for all types of devices.
  4. You will get to know CSS in-depth and you know what is behind the scenes?
  5. You will be able to configure massive CSS code with the right architecture and with the help of Sass to make it easy to manage and reuse.

Advanced CSS and Sass course content

  • A host of modern CSS techniques to create beautiful designs and effects
  • Behind the scenes and functionality of CSS: check specificity, inheritance, and so on
  • Meet the relatively new Flexbox layout and build a real project with this layout
  • Use SaaS in real projects: public variables, media query management, etc.
  • Use responsive images in HTML and CSS to load the site faster
  • Familiarity with the NPM ecosystem
  • Advanced CSS animations using animation, transaction, and keyframes @
  • CSS architecture: component-based design, BEM, writing reusable code, etc.
  • Introduction to CSS Grid Layouts
  • Advanced Responsive Design: Media Queries, Mobile First, and Desktop First Design Compare em to rem, etc.
  • SVG images and videos: Create a video effect for the background

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Advanced CSS and Sass course specifications

  • English language
  • Duration: 28 hours and 9 minutes
  • Number of courses: 126
  • Instructor: Jonas Schmedtmann
  • Ability to play on Windows, mobile, TV

Complete list of Advanced CSS and Sass topics and titles


This is not a beginner course – You should be confident in coding HTML and CSS before taking the course
Any computer and OS will work – Windows, macOS, or Linux
There is no need for any paid software – The text editor you already have works just fine


Advanced CSS

Installation guide

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The previous name of this tutorial was Advanced CSS and Sass: Take Your CSS to the Next Level.

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The 2019/6 version has decreased by 1 lesson and a few seconds compared to 2018/6.

The 2019/12 version has changed the time of the headings compared to the 2019/6.

Version 2020/11 has increased by 1 lesson and 1 minute compared to 2019/12.

Version 2021/11 has increased in duration by 3 minutes compared to 2020/11 and its quality has been upgraded from 720p to 1080p.

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