Advanced Uninstaller PRO 13.22

Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a versatile software for deleting worthless Windows Em files of various applications or missing shortcuts. Using this program, you can remove shortcuts that are in your Start menu and are damaged. You can also completely remove programs such as Internet Explorer or other non-functional software that exist in Windows. It is also possible to modify Internet Explorer, you can add custom fonts to Windows and change its configuration, remove programs that do not work in the control panel, and other operations that you want on the system Do it easily with the help of this program.

The latest version of Advanced Uninstaller PRO has a powerful Registry cleaner that can remove your worthless Registries created by various programs. With defragmenter and optimizer tools, you can optimize your system and improve its speed. There is also a Registry backup that you can use to back up your registry information and restore it if you have problems after cleaning the registry. Temporary files are fully detected by this program and you will be able to delete them.

Features of Advanced Uninstaller PRO:

  • Ability to delete control panel icons
  • Check and modify the shortcuts of the Start menu
  • Manage Windows fonts
  • Clear worthless Windows files

Installation guide

Copy the files in the Crack folder to the program installation location.

download link

Download Advanced_Uninstaller_PRO_13.22_Multilingual

Download Advanced_Uninstaller_PRO_13.12.0.34_Multilingual_Portable

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