AFT Impulse 8.0.1100.0 Build 2020.08.10

AFT Impulse by Applied Flow Technology is a powerful fluid dynamics simulation tool used to calculate pressure transients in ram-induced piping systems. Designed for use in liquid containing systems including:

  • Water
  • Oil and refined products
  • chemical products
  • Cryogens

AFT Impulse is useful for the following tasks:

  • Size and location of Koj suppression equipment
  • Determination of unbalanced pipe forces and structural size
  • Troubleshooting existing systems to determine the cause of operational problems
  • Investigation of the effect of wave pressure with respect to vapor cavity collapse

Features and capabilities of AFT Impulse:

  • Advanced transient solution based on specification type
  • Built in steady state solution and automatic initial water quantification
  • Built-in library of fluids and fittings
  • Column separation of liquid models due to transient cavitation
  • Extensive cavitation modeling
  • Scenario management to track design types and operational opportunities in a model file by linking data
  • Comprehensive valve modeling
  • Graph and report integration
  • Features dynamic animation and transient geometric display
  • Create video files of animations and share results
  • Generate force imbalance files
  • Avoid accidents that have serious consequences for your life and property
  • Cleverly built to guide you in building better models
  • Added zoom feature
  • Availability of new parameters
  • Display several instances of the parameter with different units
  • Portable toolbox
  • Modify pipe data using Excel file import
  • A more modern look to the model using transparent icons

Installation guide

Version 7:

In the Readme file in the Crack folder; The whole process is the same as version 5:

Version 5:

Install the software with the serial in the text file by running the ImpFullz.exe file from the Install folder. Then run AFTCopyProtectionSetup.exe and select the CrypKey License option and complete the installation. Copy the files in the Patch folder to the default path C: \ AFT Products \ CrypKey \ and run AFTCrypkeyManagementUtility.exe and copy the characters from the Folder Site Code section and delete the space between the characters and save it somewhere. Now run the ckInfo + .exe file and then import the aft.ckinfo file. Now enter the copy characters taken in the previous step and press Enter. Copy the generated Encrypting Key code and delete the spaces again, and finally enter the AFT Crypkey Management Utility window in the Site Key section and click Validate.

The activator probably does not work in the virtual machine.

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Download AFT Impulse 8.0.1100.0 Build 2020.08.10

Download Applied Flow Technology Impulse v7.0.1122 build 2020.01.30

Download AFT Impulse_5.0.1131

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