After Apple the production of Xiaomi car was also confirmed

Xiaomi car

Xiaomi car

Xiaomi’s relatives announce the production of Xiaomi cars in the near future. This car can be a competitor to Apple Car and Huawei.

Apple was one of the first technology companies to state that it was interested in entering the automotive market, not as a manufacturer of technology equipment, but as a manufacturer of the car itself. The company has been secretly working on its project called Apple Car for a long time , and recently it was reported that it is in talks with several Japanese car companies to cooperate in production.

Then it was Huawei’s turn to express its interest in the automotive industry. And now the news has come that Xiaomi will also enter this market. A new report has been released which shows that Xiaomi car is under development.

Xiaomi car; Competitor for Apple Car and Huawei Car

Chinese media have recently quoted several credible sources as saying that Xiaomi is working on developing its own car, but details of the project and its ultimate goal are not available. Sources say there are variable parameters here and nothing is certain yet. A person close to Xiaomi says the project is being managed directly by the company’s founder and CEO, Lee Joon. However, Xiaomi has not yet officially responded to this issue.

Lee Joon met twice in 2013 with Ilan Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla Corporation in the United States. Since then, the issue of Xiaomi’s interest in the automotive industry has been discussed, and now it seems that their interest in participating in this industry has increased. The report says the slump in the smartphone market has sparked interest from tech companies in diversifying their products. To this must be added the growing popularity of smart electronic vehicles.

So we should not be surprised if this company wants to expand its presence in a market in which it has no experience so far, especially in the field of automotive electronics, to form its own research and development team.

As mentioned, Xiaomi has not yet shown any official reaction to this issue. Therefore, the whole report may not be more than a rumor. Stay tuned for more news on a possible Xiaomi car project.

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