Agile.Net Obfuscator

Agile.Net Obfuscator is a powerful application tool and protector for .NET applications and licenses. This protector goes beyond the vague traditional methods. In addition to renaming the metadata, the software uses advanced obscure methods that complicate your overall protection plan and take full advantage of reverse technology. This code protector renames all metadata. These metadata include: namespace, class names, signatures, strings, and so on.

Features and Features of Agile.Net Obfuscator:

  • Obfuscation flow control: Hiding part of the program control information by converting the existing code flow pattern into a semantic equivalent structure, different from the original written code
  • Cross-assembly ambiguity: Renaming external references and increasing the number of ambiguous structures, given the set of assemblies that are connected to each other
  • Incremental Blurring: Makes changes to the original source after releasing the blurred assembly and providing the user with a patch that reflects changes to the original application when the name protection was released in the original version.
  • Configuration Process Configuration: Introduces problems when reflecting the API used in ambiguous assembly.
  • String Encryption: A typical attacker often searches for embedded assemblies for strings that contain keywords such as “license” or “invalid license”. By placing such strings, hackers try to circumvent the license protector embedded in the product. Obfuscator Agile.NET provides string encryption option in this field.

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download Agile.Net Obfuscator 2018-01-08

Download Agile.Net Obfuscator_6.4.0.1

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